My friends and amusers

I thought I’d take this time to mention my friends. Or at least the bloggishnesses I read when they’re updated. Because it might remind me to reply to things that friends have written that deserve replies. Namely GirlAndi’s new unemployment and volunteerism (and corresponding new blog layout). I’ve spoken to GirlAndi multiple times since then, and am currently pressuring her to either not get pregnant or only get pregnant in January, February, or early March so she pops the thing out before any future New Year’s Extravaganza. I’m also pressuring her to get a new computer so she can send me nifty pictures of things. Like her in her new work uniform would be nice, or her hubby waking up to a half frozen soaked cat being thrown under the sheets with him (as an incentive to buy her a computer so she can share said picture). She wanted me to make a recipe page on here, because although I can’t cook for shit (except for lasagna), KrisDi surely can. I had been planning on doing that anyway. It’ll be lots of fun. I think WordPress has a function to build pages besides blogging, so maybe I’ll play with that a little bit.

MorphicPhoenix (old roommate) should be suffering because his team, the Red Sox (Bad Sox), was recently conquered in three mighty games by the White Sox (Good Sox), KrisDi’s (and consequently my own) team. He was married some time ago, but I have yet to put any lovely pictures of this ceremony (at which I was second-Best Man). His new wife (new compared to the plethora of old ones he has discarded as rubbish) has suffered some sort of kinky sex related back injury, from which I hope she is recovering quickly and painlessly. The Best Man from MorphicPhoenix’ wedding (known as Pope of Djibouti) was also recently married, to the poor girl’s eternal shame. His opinions might actually be interesting, since he’s incredibly intelligent and tends to keep himself up to date on world events. I recommend you read his blog before mine.

Dakashy is another friend of mine from college (like the Pope and the Phoenix). She was affected by Katrina, recently got a van, and accepted to the college she wanted to get into. So she’s had a pretty busy life. Plus she has a neat looking little weasel. Or a ferret. I don’t really know the difference. I should probably let her know I have this web site.

Wilmbo, of course, is Wilmbo, and hasn’t posted in about four months, which is dreadful, considering how awesome his dreams usually are. He has a website, too, although it has nasty pop ups and banner ads and all that horrible stuff.

The only other blog I read (except Fark) is ViolaChic’s. She’s someone I knew in college, and don’t really like, but sometimes she has amusingly angsty and self centered posts, so I look at it occasionally.

And that’s it. All of my friends. I should let all of them know about this, so they can bask in the glory of being linked from an external site. That hasn’t happened to me yet (that I know of). The only stranger I know of who has looked at this thing is that damn Olivier bastard who wants me to go to his stupid Sudoku site.


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