Toys and a haircut

I’ve had lots of fun recently. My roommates Oleo and MeiMei went to Cake with me, where Oleo and I proceeded to get completely drunk. MeiMei spilled beer on me, and we head butted each other (she was pretending to hit on me by putting her head on my shoulder, and when I tried to do the same thing, she was doing it again, and we smacked skulls rather violently). Oleo managed to set her (against her will) on my shoulders. Which was also fun.

I got my toys. I don’t think I remembered to mention the 20″ flat panel monitor I ordered, but that’s here too. I used my new camera to take a picture of it, and my desk in its old CRT-laden configuration. I gotta say though, 20″ is a monstrosity.

I got MeiMei to cut my hair last night, and she was so nervous she couldn’t stand up for the whole time. Plus we didn’t get started until after dark, so we were trying to do it by our outside motion-activated light (so if she stayed still and tried to concentrate on something, the light would turn out). At more than one point she fell, laughing hysterically, into fetal position. Oleo didn’t help anything, of course. He just came by to harrass MeiMei and make her feel self conscious. I told MeiMei the reason I wanted her to cut my hair is so she couldn’t make fun of me for my haircut.

Today I have to go back out to the east coast. This will be an unpleasant trip. For at least three days, I’ll be out on the water where I will have no internets to keep me occupied. Just books. At least it’ll be a relatively short trip. And when I get back, KrisDi should be back too.

Dakashy has put a bunch of pictures of her ferret up. In that first one, the poor thing looks deceased. The rest of them aren’t depressing, though. 🙂


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Wilmbo De Norte’

My compliments to your barber!!! To bad she didn’t shave your sorry looking ass!!!

what? There’s pictures of my ass on the internet? distressing news, wilmbo

I have a picture of your ass, i could put it on the internet if you’d like.

depends. does it glorify my ass or horrify the viewers?

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