Rashomon and Bubba Ho Tep

If they played either of these on a flight, it might set a precedent for decent in-flight entertainment.

I watched Rashomon on my last flight. Not that they actually showed it on the plane, I played the DVD on my laptop. Christ, if they played this on a flight, it might set a precedent for decent in-flight entertainment, and that would totally destroy today’s flying experience.

I don’t really want to spoil the movie, because I recommend watching the whole thing. It’s a foreign film, though. I watched it with the Japanese language audio and English subtitles (as is my preference for foreign films). Anyway, so a crime is committed and you get to hear descriptions of said crime from all the participants. The stories are ridiculously inaccurate and incongruous, as each character tells the story to their own advantage in some fashion, and you’re left to glean whatever truth you like out of the testimonies.

I liked it because beyond being interesting and occasionally funny, it demonstrates how memory is subjective rather than objective. There were sword fights, love stories, crime, remorse, violent death, implied sex (not graphic or boobiful), treachery, everything (besides boobs) but explosions. I recommend it. To my friends, anyway, who won’t hate me for recommending this since they realize that I like some weird ass movies.

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I watched Bubba Ho Tep in the hotel today, because I was bored as all hell. Bruce Campbell is still the man, of course (I shook the Evil Hand!). I liked this movie too. KrisDi will probably groan, since she thought Army of Darkness was hopelessly cheesy, but I’m a big fan of the cheesy horror genre. GirlAndi remembers the Jason nights back in the day.

Anyway, this movie had pretty much everything but the sword fighting. Explosions, boobies, violence, undead, a black John F. Kennedy (Ossie Davis should have gotten an Oscar or something. I was convinced. I swear it). I guess it was missing treachery. This movie was a lot funnier than Rashomon, though.

I decided to buy into the characters, because I liked them. A repentant Elvis lives in the shoddy Mud Creek Shady Rest Convalesence [sic] Home, enduring the disbelieving and condescending staff. The only person who believes he’s the genuine article is the elderly John F. Kennedy, part of his brain removed and replaced with sand, his body dyed black by the government to hide the truth.

So there are the characters, whom I loved because I’m a quirky nerd. Mysterious things begin happening around the Home, and JFK and the King get together to save their retirement home. Elvis’s colorful past is revealed (as well as more of his medical history than I was really comfortable knowing) through flashbacks. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the trippy schizoid scenes (that’s where you’ll find the boobies). Oh, and there’s a panty shot, too! So go watch it already!


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YAY Jason nights. 🙂 Even more so, YAY Bruce Campbell.

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Didn’t notice it before…quite clever.

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