Thanksgiving Feast

Here are some new pictures, from Thanksgiving and our anniversary mostly. There’s also two videos. This one is huge (~48 mb), and this one is not (~2mb). Sooner or later I’m going to put up the recipes for all the stuff we cooked. We cooked a lot. Apparently it’s not easy for two people to eat a feast for ten.


Posted by snaotheus


Thanks for the sword website!! I got Fox’s present there!

And I do hope your nose is better!

I was going to get one of those gunblade things for Morphic Phoenix. Then I found out he would only want one if it actually fired. *sigh*

You’re almost there! March 29th is my 10,000 days until retirement party.

I would have posted this on your livejournal, but I’m not listed as a friend.

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