Green Pinkie (updated)

Check it out. So, this spot on my finger started out a highlighter green color around Monday or Tuesday, then it got darker and bigger and started hurting, and the finger swelled a little. So today, Thursday, I decided to stop by the doctor’s office, since it’s right next to the ATM. The nurses seemed pretty worried. In fact, they made me pretty nervous about it. They set me up for the ‘earliest possible appointment’, which is Monday morning, and gave me something to take with me so I can get blood tests done before the doctor’s appointment. They also told me to go to the emergency room if it got any worse in the meantime.

Your assignment: Guess the cause! I haven’t a clue. Exotic, obscure, and fictional ailments are preferable. My money’s on “Mononucleosis Decapitis”, the strain of mono that causes your head to fall off.

I also put up other pictures from my birthday, some of which are pretty amusing. I like the one of our Asian girls pining after KrisDi.


All right, due to popular demand (Wilmbo), I’m updating. Turns out Darkside was most likely right. Just a dumb infection. *sigh* Spoilsport. Thanks.

I went in on Friday because something opened up, and after waiting forever, I saw the doctor. He was intrigued, at least, which made me feel justified for bothering to go in. He asked me a bunch of questions and sliced off the green spot in a couple chunks. After the second slice or so, a bunch of green pus came oozing out. They sent in two samples; one for fungus, one for bacteria. Gave me some fun polysporin thing and some Keflex (Cephalexin? something like that) and a bandaid. I forgot to ask for a lolly. I go back on Thursday or so to find out the results of the cultures. Turns out I should have just poked it, like half the people I showed it to were saying.

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Lord Wilmbo

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis! Thats what it has to be!
OK…Umm…Have you done the ‘tried and true’ method of -Stabbing it with something to make it POP-? OK seriously, my guess is some sort of nail fungus. Rampant Mutant WORLD CONSUMING!!! nail fungus. Either that or that green crayon you shoved up your nose back in 2nd grade is finally makeing itself known. STOP PICKING!

Sorry, I have no dire predictions… in fact (and this is horrible advice for any sort of problem), I’m with Lord Wilmbo; lance it. This looks exactly like something I’ve had before numerous times: puss because of an irritated or slightly-ingrown nail. Disgusting, yes, but boring and non-lethal. Those nurses must like to freak people out on their slow days.

The swelling looks like it’s just on that side of the finger; does it throb slightly or ache all the time, and really hurt if you apply pressure anywhere on that side? If you’ve recently gone bowling (those ball holes are both nasty and a source of irritation) or cut your nails (I have no idea; that’s when it’s happened to me recently), that clinches it. I hope I’m right, and it’s not some flesh-eating bacteria.

Lord Wilmbo

MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY!! WOOOHOOOO!!! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!! What was the green stuff?? Did the Doc take your whole arm? Is it some wierd military experiment? Did you try popping it with something? C’MON MAN! (it was a slow weekend hehe)

Well, had I seen the photo, I’d’ve said it looked like an abscess but too well defined. The ones I’ve seen (and lanced!) have been bigger and not at the edge of fingernails, which seems a bizarre place for an abscess to me. They’re not usually quite *that* visible color-wise, either, but that may be a function of its location.

Either way, it looks icky, and I’m glad it wasn’t some necrotizing bacterium, and that Wilmie was wrong, too. Bet that’s the first time he’s ever gotten to use pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis half-legitimately in conversation, too.

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