People are bastards

So, about a month ago (give or take), the owner of our house came down to look at things, do some work, and take measurements for things like putting in new counters. This got us thinking that, since we’re on a month-to-month rental agreement, maybe they were planning on selling the house or something, and asked both the owner and the landlady to let us know as early as possible if/when we would have to move out, since we have such unpredictable travel schedules. They each assured us that there were no plans to make us move.

Of course, one or both of them were lying through their teeth.

The landlady called yesterday (most likely because the owner isn’t a fan of confrontation, which she most surely would have received) to let us know we have thirty days to move out, all in compliance with our rental agreement and in complete violation of trust and basic human decency. The owner wants to move back into the house.

Randomly, the house across the street is for rent. It’s a four bedroom, which is more bedrooms than we need (but probably not really enough floor space). KrisDi just went and talked to them (while still wearing her ducky pajamas), and they took her name and number and said we’d call them back. It would certainly be convenient to move across the street, since we wouldn’t have to get a truck or anything, but if that bitch owner is moving back in, we’d be getting some crappy neighbors.


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Heather and 1/2

Fucking Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I aloud to curse on this site? It being your site and all.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I’m supposed to be on travel the last two weeks of this month. Swearing is welcomed on my website.

fuckity fuck fuck fuck. You should leave them a nice surprise.

Step 1. Cut small hole in the wall.
Step 2. Insert small dead animal (or fish, your choice) into sed hole in the wall.
Step 3. Patch hole.

Wilmbo De Norte

I once read about a lady who was going to lose her house to her husband, so she had a nice shrimp cocktail. Any shrimp that were bad, or fell on the floor, and all the tails were place nicely into the curtain rods. The ends come off so she just dropped them in one end. The husband and new wife couldn’t figger it out, so they ‘sneakily’ sold the house back to the old-wife, and took the curtain rods with them to their new house *insert evil grin here*

You might be getting bad neighbors, but think of the, um, er, educational possibilities. You’d be nearby to frequently reinforce the lesson that It’s Not Nice to Screw Around With People…. wait, I’m your mother, I’m supposed to be saying things like “two wrongs don’t make a right”!!


Oh yeah, and it wasn’t a month ago that they came by looking at improvements, that was in January. So it’s been three months.


As I am not your mother, I shall encourage you to take the house across the street, should it become available to you, and educate your new neighbor in the reasons why “It’s Not Nice to Screw Around With People”. That said, I do hope you find something soon so that you don’t have to try and get your stuff moved while you’re off in where ever the hell you’re being sent to this time.

Little Brother


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