Yeah, sure

Okay, so I just found this. That’s almost as frightening as this. Wow. That’s all I have to say.

So let’s see, last night I think I had a dream that I thought was about Scientoligists or something. Or at least it was about some weird cult/religion thing. The cool thing about this cult is that they were based in a playground, not unlike the one near my old home (all wood, with little pea gravel all around, like this but without the weirdo). Everyone had weird arrowhead type amulets, and there were broken amulets laid out on cloths dispersed around the Holy Playgroundish thing. It was very strange, and more than twelve hours ago, so I don’t remember a whole lot more than that. I’m pretty sure I pissed that religion off, though, just I would probably piss most religions off were their founders/leaders ever to meet me.

Concerning my less than pleasant house-hunting, I am constantly reminded: I hate house-hunting. Four people, with four different ideals, trying to find one place. *sigh* It’ll be over sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, so KrisDi doesn’t have to move herself.

On the bright side, I got to physically restrain my little Chinese roommate so Oleo could take a picture of her foot (for some reason she was quite violently opposed to this). Once I have it, I’ll post the picture up on my faithful website.


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I want to see said bondage photo!!

You think the little kitten is creepy?

Sigh. I’ve actually heard of both conditions. But not the Holy Playgrounders.

Still crossing fingers for a suitable house, and I FINALLY finished the knitting bag.

Also, leave the poor little Chinese roomie alone. Geez!

Hey, GirlAndi, wouldn’t it be interesting to have a cyclops kitten? Given that it has one really huge eye, it ought to look endearing rather than creepy.

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