Catchup (AND I’M HOUSED)

Okay, so first thing’s first. I have a house to move into when I get back from this trip. Monday we looked at the house, found out the owner had two other applicants who hadn’t actually applied yet. We applied the same night in order to beat out the other applicants. The house was brand new — no one has ever lived there before. The house is new enough that its address doesn’t register on Mapquest yet. It’s also big enough, three bedroom, and decent layout. It’s at the top end of what KrisDi and I wanted to spend. KrisDi and I will be paying more rent than our two roommates (I’m okay with that, because even so, we’re paying less than what I started paying in the old house two promotions ago, and much much less than what I payed when living alone three promotions ago). It’s not too far from where we currently live, and not too far from where we work. So, I have a house. I’ll give out the address when I know my move-in date, and where/how to get mail at the new address, and when I know what the zip code is. Phone number will remain the same.

Old things second. August 11, 2003 is the date I started working here. August 11, 2006 is the date I become ‘vested’. At this point in my career, I’m far past career-conditional (which means they can fire me whenever they want without really specifying a reason) and I actually get to keep all the money they’ve ‘matched’ in my retirement fund. Additionally, it’s rumored that I’m basically guaranteed a job if I ever wan to return to the government. Beyond the documented benefits, three years is a pretty decent amount of time to work for an employer, so my resume won’t make it look like I bailed out too quickly. So that explains why three years was my minimum. Now, why I want to get the hell out of here: I don’t like California. I don’t like the people. They are rude, self-centered, and they don’t have a god damn clue how to drive. I don’t care about the weather (whoop-de-fucking-doo, it’s sunny and warm all the time. I like rain and I like seasons). And most annoyingly, they want to charge OVER $700,000 FOR A HOUSE SO CLOSE TO THE NEIGHBORS THAT THE EAVES OVERLAP. The same house being built in less than a month. And I don’t have any choices in the layout, or the finish. Only interior options. FUCK THAT! If I’m going to indebt myself for the foreseeable future, it’s at LEAST going to be for a house in which I have some god damn choices, and enough of a yard that I can fuck it up noticeably. So those are my feelings on this state.

And finally, one or two reviewish things. I finished reading the third book in the Dark Tower series (The Waste Lands), which I enjoyed. Basically because it’s a continuation of a series I like, in a universe I like, with characters I like. I’m easy to please.

I watched (a long time ago) part of Prime. Here’s all I have to say about it: It’s one of the few movies that was so bad I couldn’t finish it.


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Congrats on the house!!

Sorry about how much Cali sucks…

YAYAYYAYAAAYAY! A house, a house, you have a house! You won’t be camping out in a tent on a dark corner somewhere! Yay!

I’ll caution you, though, that there are few places in the country where you can dictate how you want a house built anymore. Most of them are built by developers in groups. One exception is an outfit called, I think, Homestead or something similar up here. They build very nice stuff.

I’ve finished your 1491. Great book! I think you’ll enjoy it.

A house is very good news. And unfortunately houses are becoming similar to that all over the country. I am currently in Montanta, where several locals that I have worked with constantly bitch about Californians moving up here and building completely stupid and ugly houses on land that they pay way too much for. What is 250,000 for a 2 acre lot when in California a tenth of acre costs the same.

Anyway, I also agree with your idea of individuality in houses. Our house (your old house) was completely unique since it was built by a builder for himself. This is one of the reasons I love it.

And to combine your two topics of conversation, Orson Scott Card has a book out, “Homebody” I think, where he talks about houses that are unique have a spirit almost. It was a pretty good read.

It may not be kosher to comment on a comment, but since snaotheus doesn’t provide new content as often as he should, I’ll do it anyway. S’ah!

Californians are ruining housing markets all over the country. They sell a shoebox house for a million, then they go someplace where housing is inexpensive and pay exorbitant prices (compared to ordinary local pricing). This quickly raises the cost of housing such that locals can no longer afford to buy housing in their own towns.

This has occurred in Denver, Montana, Santa Fe, here where I live, in Oregon, and several other places. AND, in doing some timewasting a while back, I discovered they’ve invaded my hometown area in New Mexico–a largely low-income area. Housing averages there are well over $100,000 thanks to these jerks, and I’ll bet not one-half of one percent of the locals can afford that.


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