Yes, the rumors are true. Mom rear-ended me. It’s not so much that she rear-ended me, it’s more that she rear-ended me, tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal (“Oh, did I bump you? My car probably has more damage than yours does.”), and I don’t think she even apologized (I think she was too quickly on the defensive to think of it). If she was a stranger, I would be livid. Since she’s Mom, I’m just annoyed and amused at the never-ending opportunity to torment her about it. I forgot to call her the day after and say things like, “Gee, Ma, our necks really hurt. What are the symptoms of whiplash?”

Anyway, this occurred on the way to Plum Delicious, which was okay (and no better), and definitely a restaurant for retirees and the walking dead. Mom gave us presents (a pretty green hand-made sweater for KrisDi, a t-shirt that says “Descended from Pirates” for me, books, Fat Bastard wine. The seat tried to eat KrisDi’s book, but with some disassembly and grunting, I was able to retrieve it (and a pair of reading glasses).

That was on the day of our final walkthrough, where our ‘concierge’ showed us all the features of the house that we’ve seen about a million times (speaking of which, here are some more pictures after touch up and the beginning of landscaping) and we pointed out things they missed and asked for little changes. We’re supposed to get keys on Thursday (the 31st), and we hope to be sleeping there on Friday. We’ll get a moving truck on Saturday to do all the big stuff. Luckily, this is one of those short moves where we can take a million trips with our cars full of little boxes, and so have nothing but big stuff to put in the truck, which isn’t too bad at all.

I had an interesting lunch at work on Tuesday. Me and two co-workers (the newest Test Engineer and the oldest Test Engineer, both Chinese, both shy and quiet) took out three of our Japanese counterparts (two with limited English, one with a heavy accent). The meal was filled with uncomfortable silences. It turns out that the one with better English is from a smaller town close to Sasebo, where I’ve spent a lot of time, which was neat, and displaced the last few minutes of uncomfortable silence on the drive back to work.

KrisDi made some crazy new chipotle beef and butternut squash concoction, which was excellent and fed us royally for two meals. She claims it’s easy enough that I could make it (I always take such statements with a grain of salt). We also saw this huge bird outside our apartment. I took a couple pictures. Any guesses as to what kind of bird he is?

———– Book and a Movie ———–

Waitress. This was a depressing movie. So much pie, and I didn’t get to eat any of it. That makes me sad.

Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. Yes, it’s the first time I’ve read it. I enjoyed it, but talk about depressing.

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I certainly did apologize, right away, and several times after that!!

The bird is some variety of hawk, possibly either a kestrel or a Cooper’s hawk, though I lean strongly toward the latter. Could be a red-tailed hawk, but I couldn’t see tail-feather colors to tell for sure.

You need to come visit me. All my outdoor lights are out now. 🙁 And it will give you a chance to tell Grandma what a horrible driver I am.

Well, those links certainly made for ugly word spacing.

Fixed links, made purdy!

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