Buying Time

Well, I was working on a new post, and getting ready to upload pictures for it, when my laptop hard drive crashed. I’m in the process of salvaging whatever files I can salvage (which seems to be most of them), and then I need to decide whether I replace the hard drive, or the laptop (I was considering replacing the laptop next year). This is on the same day that my work laptop bluescreened, and a week or two after our media computer pooped out and needed a full reinstall. So, computing hasn’t been entirely successful for me lately.

Anyway, in the meantime, I thought I’d share this video from 2004. I’m proud that I won one round. I must confess I was overmatched. It was a good day, though.

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Don’t it suck? The wretched things are like 12-year-old girls: If one does something, they all have to do it.

I still get laughs outta the video. 🙂

Stay cool. It’s like 85 or higher in here, and I can’t find two of my fans. I may have taken them over to Grandma’s last year. I’ll bet there’s not one single fan left in town, too. Gaaaaaaaaah.

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