Book Reviews by Northwood

A couple months ago, when Northwood visited us, we lent him a few books to read. I got them back a couple days ago, with a sticky-note review on each one. I was amused by them, and I wanted to share. “WTF” is usually a positive review for me, unless it’s extreme. And for me, extreme WTF is…well…extreme.

Slaughterhouse Five (Kurt Vonnegut): WTF? Made no sense.

I Am Legend and some other short stories (Richard Matheson): Actually interesting. Weird short stories.

The Stupidest Angel (Christopher Moore): Good, but WTF!

Bloodsucking Fiends (Christopher Moore): 7/10


Posted by snaotheus


Methinks he hath a back-up career as a literary critic!

Thanks Snaotheus, I don’t remember writing 7/10 on Bloodsucking fiends though. Slaughterhouse five was a bad WTF. The Stupidest Angel was the good WTF. Bloodsucking Fiends was alright.

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