The Alarm

I got a text today at 12:23 PM from a number I didn’t recognize. Letter for letter: “Wifes in labor right now”

You can imagine the immediate reaction. Heart pounding, mouth drying, I thought, “Must be a co-worker…wonder why KrisDi can’t call?”

No answer when I call KrisDi or the unknown number. I text back, “Where is she? Please call”. Everywhere she’s likely to be is south of where I am, so I grab my stuff and get in the car, calling both numbers a couple more times. Still no answer.

I get a couple miles down the interstate, and then I get another text: “Sorry. We are at [the hospital]. Will call when its a little less hectic”.

As I’m thinking, “Hmmm…that’s a weird thing for a co-worker to text an expecting father when his wife’s in labor”, KrisDi calls.


“Ummmm…are you in labor?”

“No. Why?” I take the next exit and go back to work.

A couple weeks ago, we met some people at a birthing class at the hospital. They’re due a few days before we are; we exchanged phone numbers. It would have been really nice if he had said “My wifes in labor right now”, but I gotta admit, it’s a pretty funny false alarm story.

I hope things go well for them.

Posted by snaotheus


BWAHAHAHAHHAHA! And it’s nice to know you’re ready to go at any moment. 🙂

There’s a heck of a “gotcha”! Andi’s right: Good test for The Plan. Which passed with the proverbial flying colors!

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