Memories (or lack thereof) and Games

On memories…

At work, we have a few contractors jackhammering at a roughly 10’x8′ rectangle of asphalt in our parking lot, in preparation for pouring a cement foundation for a small bicycle parking structure. It looks really hard, tiring, uncomfortable. Peering out the window at the activity, someone said to me, “Be thankful your parents sent you to college.”

That made me think about it — I don’t really remember my parents “sending” me to college. I don’t really remember them even encouraging me to go to college. I don’t even remember not going to college being a consideration. My recollection is that I always assumed I would go to college. Perhaps my parents set that expectation early enough that I don’t remember the setting of the expectation.

On games…

The kids recently started playing a game together, spontaneously, and apparently both immediately knew the rules of the game. It went something like this (if I remember KrisDi’s description correctly):

Chilkat yells, “Hey! Let’s play CarrotChilkoot!”

Chilkoot responds, “Yeah!” and immediately runs downstairs and begins to orbit the island in the kitchen.

Chilkat starts chasing him, hollering, “Sit down, CarrotChilkoot! Hey! Sit down, little carrot!” and similar, while Chilkoot carries merrily and stompily on.

Eventually, CarrotChilkoot sits down violently, and Chilkat falls upon him, and feasts on his carroty flesh. “I’m eating you! Om nom nom nom!”

CarrotChilkoot’s mortal screams sounded an awful lot like gleeful giggling.


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Yes you got it exactly right. It is so awesome to see them playing together. And their crazy imaginations are so fun!

Funny game. I don’t remember you guys playing cannibalistic games, but there was that incident with cooking the dismembered baby… 😉

You’re right about college, too. In my family, it has always been assumed that you go to college. Just like learning to tie your own shoes and drive a car: Everybody in our family goes to college. (IIRC, your dad was the first in his family to graduate from high school as well as the first to go to college, so this ingrained assumption you can blame on me.) I believe I’m the least educated among us cousins, though there may be one or two others with only a bachelor’s. Most have PhDs.

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