One Strange Dream

This was a few nights ago, so I don’t remember everything all that clearly. To give background, there is this guy I work with, Eric, who lives in a somewhat rural area, collects junk and fixes it or repurposes it into weird stuff.

In my dream, we were visiting Eric, but his home was near San Francisco, on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. He had lots (as in parking lot, or vacant lot) spread around with constructions in various states of incompleteness. As we were hanging out there listening to Eric ramble on about the various projects, for whatever reason, we decided we needed to walk to San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge, but not on the street level — in my dream, the bridge was covered, with a stair-step style cover that went across the top cables of the bridge. For some reason we felt we needed to go up and down those stairs to cross the bridge. I think in my dream, pedestrians were not allowed at street level (no idea if they are allowed or not).

We got to the bridge, and then we basically had to dive for cover. An old couple, like in their mid-seventies, were sledding down the stairs. Jostling down the steps at what seemed like 50 miles an hour — completely straight-faced. No smiles or laughter or fear or trepidation.

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What a great dream! My only offering (from last night) since I seem rarely to remember them much anymore is of speed-painting a rooster with its mouth open (and black inside), surrounded by a bunch of other critters of indeterminate species, and then speed-painting the sun. Yours sounds like more fun. 🙂

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