It was sunny, afternoon probably. There was a cooler in the back yard (similar to our large blue cooler) that had goldfish and a bunch of floating stuff (like kids toys or something) in it. I was supposed to be catching the fish and moving them to another container of some sort. I had a little net in my hand to catch them. I was using some sort of surveillance system to look under the water and try to find the fish. Somehow this still involved me putting my face in or very near the water, although breathing wasn’t an issue.

I got one (it was white and black) pretty quickly and transferred it successfully. I went back to the cooler to look for the next one…I looked and looked, and didn’t see another one. When I raised my head again, it was late at night.

I was half-aware that I was dreaming at this point. I decided to try to wake up to see what time it was.

This was a mistake. It was a little after 2 AM, and I had trouble getting back to sleep.


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No-o-o-o! Never check to see what time it is. It’ll kill you every time.

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