Why does my back hurt?

My back has been terrible for the last two months, including pain shooting down the legs, tingling in the legs, and leg weakness.

I got an MRI last night. For whatever reason, they sent me home with the images without an physician diagnosing them. My self diagnosis is a ruptured disk. Keep in mind, no professional has looked at it and told me anything yet, but images the images resulting from Google Image search of “ruptured lumbar disk mri” look awfully similar. Since I don’t know anything, there’s a high probability that I’m wrong.

Anyway, I have my followup appointment with the back doctor on the 9th, unless they can get me in earlier.


Posted by snaotheus


Don’t wait!!! Get to the Doctor now!!!

They may move the appointment up when they see this; most doctors reserve a few spots for urgent same-day needs, and this ought to qualify. I’d give them a call and ask, anyway. Definitely stop doing any bending/lifting that you can avoid or someone else can do. Spend as much time as you can in whatever position hurts least.

It’s not like we hadn’t already talked about the above, is it? A mother never gets over mothering. Sorry!

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