February 2019 Part I

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February started with Chilkat’s class play. They did a series of altered fables. Chilkat was a barber in The Emperor’s New Hair. It was cute and fun. Although it was a little challenging for me, the day after back surgery.

Between the 3rd and the 15th, our area received snow. Over and over again. The kids had one full day of school in the course of two full weeks; three partial days, and six full days off. This is insane to my North Dakota mind — I wouldn’t have gotten a single day off. At the same time, likely the roads would have been plowed sooner and better, and we had fewer hills. KrisDi and I both had adverse weather policies activated several times, but of course not as many times as the school. It’s frustrating in terms of being able to work and being able to take care of kids. I would guess our neighborhood got total accumulation of around 18 inches.

It’s also very helpful that post-back-surgery regulations don’t allow me to shovel snow…so my poor wife did it. I went outside in my pajamas with a hot bowl of oatmeal, watched her shovel for a little while, then pointed at the driveway and said, “You missed a spot.” Thankfully, she didn’t throw snow at me, hit me with a shovel, or murder me (all valid responses). Then I asked her seriously, “As long as you’re shoveling snow, please shovel as much as you can into the truck bed so it’ll have some traction.”

We had branches breaking off of trees — also a thing we rarely experience in North Dakota. We get snow with wind — snow doesn’t just pile up in vertical piles on branches. Although, here in Washington, you don’t get snowdrifts. The snow piles up nicely in a uniform layer. We even had one branch break off right next to Chilkat — she was playing in the snow in the front yard, I heard a cracking sound, and I looked over to see a branch fall a couple feet from her. I yelled, “Are you OK?!” and she yelled, “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!”

One of the days I couldn’t go into the office, I was stuck at home because too many of my neighbors tried to drive out of the neighborhood, and got their cars stuck in the snow, blocking the road. I had to tell the kids when they were playing on a plowed pile to run for cover if they saw cars approaching, until the car was past (because I didn’t have confidence in drivers’ competence).

KrisDi’s First Communion dress migrated here from Chicago with D, and Chilkat put it on. Both of them are cute in it.

Brouwer’s hosted Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow. I went with former-coworkers-turned friends. This was actually the first time I drank in like two weeks — no drinking for about a week before and after my back surgery. Lots of exciting beer, lots of fun. I enjoyed it. KrisDi kindly stayed home and watched the kids.

Chilkat had her eighth birthday party. It was Harry Potter themed, and KrisDi worked up a plethora of decorations and themey treats and puns. She did a Harry Potter cake. Unfortunately, it was during Snowmageddon, so a lot of the invitees couldn’t (or didn’t) make it. We had midwestern close friends and family brave the drive, and some nearby friends walk in the snow. I think Chilkat really enjoyed it.

Valentine’s day happened. We didn’t do anything, really. KrisDi made cards for the kids, and they made some for us. We haven’t made our yearly lasagna — we’ll do that eventually. Although, in a “test the roads” outing (shortly after my oatmeal / snowshoveling assholery), I thought “My wife sure is nice to me, I’m going to get her some flowers.”

Oh, and Chilkoot got a haircut — before and after.

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My goodness! All that tamed hair!

I’m still very glad I was Elsewhere for the snow. Ours still hasn’t melted. (Most of it has, but there are still good-sized areas where it’s still around 8″ deep.)

Once again, the party looks to have been spectacular!

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