Videos of Chilkoot

Alarm Clock

Chilkoot wanted a digital clock, so I got him one. Then he learned it had an alarm, and really wanted to try it out. So, we set the alarm for when we normally get him up on a school day, and then we took a video when it went off. Might want to turn up screen brightness if you want to be able to see him.


He’s starting to read for real!

Playing on the playground

There is probably a reason that we get calls from the nurse a lot.


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Splendiferous! Wonderful! Fantastico! Chilkoot, I dance for joy on my table, my roof, my tree branches! I shout to the skies! YOU ARE READING!!!!!

(The alarm clock… well… I’d try to ignore it, too. And I’m not at all surprised by the monkey-child antics.)

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