March 2019

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Man, going back through these photos, March was a busy month. I guess I usually split a month into two posts, but I didn’t have very many photos so I just made one album, which leads me to one post…anyway…

Chilkat apparently had a bad day.

Chilkat sold a bunch of girl scout cookies. She had an assigned day standing out in front of the QFC assaulting passersby. Luckily, her little brother was an easy mark.

KrisDi stubbornly ran her 15K with T Dog. Remember — she had already injured her hip flexor while training in the snow, which she then agitated by continuing to train in Florida. She could barely walk after the 15K. She has started going to physical therapy, and I think she’s getting better now, but it’s been rough for her. I was not cruel enough to record a video of her walking with a horrible limp.

Weesh’s family came out here. I can’t remember the real reason — maybe Weesh’s uncle’s birthday or something? Anyway, they came over to our house and had dinner with us, and we got to hang with them. They’re always fun. KrisDi made a nice dinner.

KrisDi and I had a date day. It was for my birthday. We went around from brewery to brewery and ate foods. It was fun. KrisDi got to go and hang out with the Weesh, too.

Chilkat’s 2nd grade concert happened. Chilkoot decided he needed to dress nicely for the occasion, so he wore his old suit, which is now so small on him he could barely move. “It’s OK. I won’t have to move my arms.” KrisDi gave Chilkat some flowers afterwards, and she was super cute. So was my wife, for that matter.

Chilkoot’s kindergarten did the leprechaun trap thing. I don’t think they caught that rascally leprechaun.

We took Miss K out to dinner again. We took her to one of my favorite places (which I would recommend purely on the beer or purely on the food — both excellent). We got her to try a bunch of different beers and tried to teach her a little about beer styles. At least she’s adventuresome. It seems likely I’ll be taking her to a Pietasters concert without my wife, who will be out of town.

Chilkat’s brownie troop had a tea etiquette event. Evidently, she did not enjoy the tea so well. But, she got a new badge and she got to try a variety of teas.

KrisDi and Chilkoot went to the Mommy / Son Super Hero Dance way up north again, so Chilkat and I got to have Daddy Daughter Day. We went to the zoo, we went out for lunch and ice cream, we went to a movie. We had a good time.

I have no idea what triggered this, but approximately nine months after the fact the kids decided to finally finish last year’s Father’s Day birdhouses. The very day they were working on this, a bird moved into the 2016 birdhouse (our first tenant!), and then it moved into one of the 2017 ones.

Finally, KrisDi decided to start repainting the walls, which is nice because it covers up the dirt and scrapes that decorated our house. Unfortunately, somehow she caught one of her pinkie toes on the stairs and maybe broke it. Which is great when she’s still trying to recover from the hip flexor thing.

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You may have yourselves a song sparrow, there. I can’t see breast, so can’t be sure.

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