April 2019 Part I

KrisDi left town and visited San Diego for work. She had training. That left me alone with the kids. Of course, we had a trucknic.

We went down to Medford, OR to visit our friends for their daughter’s 7th birthday. Piñata, cotton candy, tons of food, and lots of beer. On our way home, we stopped in Portland. We tried to eat at Great Notion, but it was too busy, so we went for ice cream and sandwiches.

Chilkat started gymnastics. This is a new class, closer to home, with a more demanding teacher who takes it more seriously. Chilkat actually was supposed to do specific things, practice, and try to do them right. It was hard for her, but she did a really good job, I think.

We got to go to a baseball game — I think KrisDi’s work got tickets. It was cool to see Felix versus Verlander.

KrisDi decided to start repainting the walls in the house. Of course, I was still too broken at the start of this to do anything besides sit on the couch and cheerlead.

Chilkoot has been reading more and more — he’s not loving it the way his sister currently loves it, but he’s definitely making progress.

Chilkat lost another tooth — she was brushing or flossing and bonked the loose tooth, causing it to bleed, causing her to freak out. I managed to convince her that the best thing to do at that stage was to just take the tooth out, so we did. I think that was her 5th — bottom, left of the front two. Incisor, maybe? I think she named the new tooth that’s coming in “Sixlet.”

G False Alarm tried to organize a birthday outing for me, but he couldn’t make it. So I went out with HB and the Pope. We managed to visit eight different breweries, walking from the first one, ending up at a bar. The Pope may have been somewhat inebriated before we were done for the night. It was a good time. Also, we ate meat and cheese from a vending machine.

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