April 2019 Part II

KrisDi and I decided that this year, we should replace our now 15 year old couches, that have survived just-out-of-college-newly-employed-shenanigans and over eight years of children. This turned into replacing about half the furniture in the house: Couches, end tables, kitchen table, bookshelf in Chilkat’s room, bed in Chilkat’s room, new bookshelf in the kitchen area…anyway, so those replacements started coming in the second half of April, starting with Chilkat’s new bookshelf, which is grown-up sized and immediately covered in books and Legos. We also received our new gigantic sectional couch, which I couldn’t pick up, move into the house, or set up because of my back. KrisDi’s parents very kindly did all of that stuff for us. It has power recliners and built-in USB charging ports — so I like to think of it as an elaborate phone charger.

As a part of replacing the furniture — “Hey, we need to get everything off the carpet anyway, we should probably clean it!” because we’re dummies. We borrowed a carpet cleaner from KrisDi’s parents, which was cracked and chipped in so many places it didn’t have any suction. After some debate, we decided to buy a new one to use, and try to find some way to get KrisDi’s parents to take possession of it (so we don’t have to keep it in our house) and to convince them to get rid of their broken-ass one.

Some interesting child endeavors:
1. We found a to-do list of Chilkat’s (conveniently labeled “to-do list” on the cover), containing three items: (1) Tell on Chilkoot because he bit my hair. (2) Tell on Chilkoot because he kept hurting me and threatening me to get a white paper. (3) <left blank>
2. Chilkat and some friends at school started a “drawing club” in before and after school care. Chilkoot joined. Here’s an example of Chilkat’s “teacher” version of some drawings, and Chilkoot’s “student” version. Smiley ice cream, TacocaT, and a taco.
3. Chilkat invented a ruleset to go along with this Japanese nonsense game I found nine years ago (nonsense since we can read the directions).
4. Chilkoot thinks hammers, knives, and scissors are dangerous; beds, bunnies, and stuffies are safe.
5. Chilkat drew an an awesome tooth fairy.

Easter happened. KrisDi and the kids used her weird shaving cream technique that results in interesting tie-dyed-looking eggs. We went down to the Gig Harbor and spent the day with KrisDi’s older brother, eating, drinking, and letting all of the kids play with iPads.

Chilkat and I worked on her Pinewood Derby car for the girl scouts. She went with a Minecraft theme. She didn’t win (or even come close), but she won a round, and she got a prize for the best add-on (probably the Lego Minecraft cow), so she was pretty happy overall.

This is totally random, but according to KrisDi, this is just how the M&M’s ended up randomly when removed from the bag at work.

I went to San Francisco for a training class on a Thursday and Friday.
– My training was about a block away from Monocular Ben’s office; I met him for dinner and it was fun. Rarely see that guy, and always enjoy it.
– My first hotel was clearly not ready for me. Why the fuck was the phone on the floor of the shower with the coffee stuff? They sent me across the street to another hotel, which was older and shittier (but all of the stuffs were in the right places). Later, it turned out to have a nice view (topless pot smoker girl directly across the street), but also a leaky ceiling. Three rooms for two nights.

After the training, I took the train down to visit my brother. We went to a really good Thai restaurant, and then Northwood and I shared two beers (apparently that’s too much — he was puking all morning the next day).

My favorite part of the whole trip was when Northwood saw one of his friends approaching his new apartment for their housewarming party, looked at me intensely and said, “Her name is L!” and ran into another room. I was sitting there thinking, “WTF?” When she got to the door, I figured it out. I answered the door, and said, “Hi L! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you! How’ve you been? Welcome to our new place!”

My brother and I have been mistaken for twins many times in the past (when we were little). L stared at me, contorting her face, displaying the clearest physical portrayal of WTFness I have ever seen, for fully thirty seconds. Then she pointed at me and accused vehemently, “You’re not Northwood!” She referred to me as “Not Northwood” for the rest of the weekend (I’m not sure she ever actually got my name). This was a fairly significant amount of time, since she enjoyed an alcohol-induced sleepover Saturday night.


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