May in the USA

So, getting through all of Europe’s photos and blogging was a monumental task. Somehow, time’s passage continued. Way back in May, some stuff happened.

We got some more new furniture, including a pair of new end tables to go with the humongous new couch. The old ones I think went to the False Alarm family. Chilkat got a bunk bed. Her old bed went to Les and D’s guest room. Incidentally, now with the bunk bed, I think Chilkoot has slept in his own room twice since the end of school.

Chilkat drew this awesome picture of me. It’s not just an angry dad picture, it’s very specific: I agreed to let Chilkoot have some Nerds, but told him if he spilled any, I was going to take them away. Lo and behold, spillage occurred, and I followed through; that is Chilkat’s artistic rendering of the event: Dad angrily withholding Nerds.

I don’t remember if this is when KrisDi started or finished her painting project — she decided (while her husband was unable to help) to repaint almost all the walls in the house. Chilkoot helped a tiny amount.

Jeez, I just realized the kids were still in school back then! I’m pretty sure Chilkoot started writing “potato” but got distracted or ran out of time.

Chilkoot and I also went on a hike for Cub Scouts, out at Rattlesnake Lake. I took him out for breakfast on the way out there. He ran around screaming with other boys his age, and strolled along chatting with other parents. One of the other dads, basking in the beatific, amplitudinous sounds of my son playing, asked me, “Does he have any other volumes?”

“Yes,” I said. “This is the quieter one.”

Chilkat had her first communion (so there are lots of pictures of that, including rehearsal). Chilkat wore KrisDi’s dress from her own first communion, more than 30 years ago. We had a party at home afterwards. KrisDi made a pretty cake, and had a florist come in and decorate the cake with pretty flowers.

I took Chilkat for a Girl Scout activity at the Living Computer History Museum in Seattle. She made a card for KrisDi using a battery, LED, and conductive tape that would light up when the corner was pressed. She got to see old computers, and actually use them. Interestingly, this museum seems to specialize in keeping old hardware running (or restoring it), and letting visitors actually use it. They also have some more modern oddnesses, like a telepresence device that Chilkat had a good time with.

Mother’s Day had another color run 5k. Mom came down for it, T Dog joined the family, I dropped them off, and I went to drink coffee (and I think work) while most of them walked and got colorfully messy.

KrisDi and I also had our 10th wedding anniversary. We took the day off and went to Sour Beer Festival. I gave KrisDi some crystal beer glasses. We had agreed not to give each other presents, so she was disadvantaged; luckily, my present to her also included beer glasses for me, so everything was fair.

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