August Part I

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Chilkoot had his testing for red belt in karate. He has practiced on and off, and depending on how engaged he is at the time of practicing, he does his kata very well or not very well. So he knows it, and can do it. His sensei knows he knows it, too.

At the actual test, Chilkoot either froze up, or was not engaged. He eventually got everything done and all the pieces right (although not everything in one big sequence). Sensei passed him, probably just because he knows Chilkoot really does know it and just didn’t perform well at the test.

We had a salsa competition at work. KrisDi finally won one of these again, with just a regular old salsa. I had meetings so the bulk of the voting occurred before I got there — I ended up being the last voter, breaking a three way tie for first place, so KrisDi won. When I voted, I knew there was a three way tie for first, but I didn’t know KrisDi was part of it.

My brother and his wife had their daughter on the first. I’ll call her the Mountain on here. She’s cute, and Northwood is clearly over the moon — but getting antsy about being trapped at home.

Chilkat made a little piñata at day care — a paper bag with some tissue paper taped or glued to it, with a few pieces of candy inside. They were both really excited about it. We were getting ready for them to break it open, but Chilkat accidentally smacked Chilkoot in the face full-force with a plastic bat while “warming up” (read: spinning around carelessly swinging the bat wildly). His nose immediately started swelling, and after the initial “wtf just happened” moment he started sobbing. While sobbing, his nose was scrunched up so much I was afraid the cartilage was messed up and/or the nose was broken. Once he calmed down, I could touch the opposite side of the bone with no discomfort, the cartilage looked normal, and it didn’t bother him if I wiggled the the cartilage around — so I was pretty confident he was fine.

Chilkat was devastated, convinced that Chilkoot would hate her forever. “Chilkoot, do you hate your sister?” “Nooooo” (please inflect quaveringly when reading that word). She required nearly as much consoling as Chilkoot did.

My dad visited (he arrived the same day as the baseball bat incident). He and P were on their way to a cruise to Alaska; they stayed with us for a couple days beforehand. We really didn’t do much — bummed around the house, and went to Les and D’s for a boat ride around Lake Tapps and a burger barbecue.

While he was gone, the kids went with KrisDi to Chilkat’s friend’s neighborhood picnic. The kids visited Nana and Papa again, this time with their cousins. They made cookies.

Dad visited, before and after his and P’s cruise to Alaska, their 50th state. KrisDi made him a cake for his 72nd birthday. We went to Les and D’s. We went to the Woodland Park Zoo, and took a bunch of neat pictures of the creatures there. We chilled out some more. Dad took us to dinner at an OK seafood restaurant.

KrisDi’s work had their company picnic. It was Hawaiian themed with a kahlua pig. The kids got to hit adults with pies. KrisDi was one of the candidates to be hit with pies, so the kids were up front screaming that they wanted to do it; KrisDi’s boss or commander was supposed to, but decided he didn’t want to. KrisDi didn’t end up being the target, though, so they had to hit other people. They had piñatas — seems like a lot of piñatas lately. Although this is the only time I’ve heard of my kids wearing them.

Chilkoot had his last T-Ball game; no better than the others, but finally remembered to bring the nice camera to try and take action shots. Here’s a nice action shot of Chilkoot really focusing on the ball while he was fielding.


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Whew! That’s a lot to catch up on!

Speaking of feeling trapped in the house: Northwood and L did what I think is an incredibly brave thing–they took M on a five-mile hike, in the chest carrier thingie, when she was three weeks old. I’d never have had the nerve to try that!

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