September 2019

For starters, I still have a very cute niece. Her parents are totally over the moon with her.

Additionally, we went camping at Camano Island State Park. We didn’t go with any friends, but we cooked a lot. KrisDi made blueberry cream cheese stuffed French toast, chicken parmesan, apple cranberry pie, and inside out biscuits and gravy. The handsome bird you see above came to hang out for a bit, and eventually I got an OK picture of him leaving. The kids found a barnacle on a rock at the beach, and I was more than a little surprised to learn that it was actually still alive and happily fished around in a plastic cup filled with seawater. The kids named him Barny.

When we got back from camping, it was time to get ready for school. KrisDi went to San Diego for work and so missed the first day. She (rightfully) didn’t trust me to prepared and photograph the kids for her traditional first day photos (kid one, kid two), so she did it before leaving. I guess they turned out better than mine (kid one, kid two). But at least mine were taken on the right day. While she was gone, we had a trucknic at Cloud 9,

When she got back, KrisDi and the other girls went to see some kind of Magic Mike male stripper show at a dive bar. If KrisDi’s friends took any pictures of KrisDi on stage, I didn’t get copies. The dads, including HB, hung out at the house with the kids. In the evening, we had a real, honest-to-god lightning storm. We stood outside for about 15 minutes while lightning flashed maybe once every 10-15 seconds.

Chilkat scraped up her knobby little back — apparently, just by it being knobby and her being in a chair. Chilkat started letting KrisDi do her hair — like pigtails and a fishtail and buns. Chilkoot continued karate, and convinced KrisDi to go on a run with him. While I was gone one day, KrisDi decided to clean out the pantry (before and after) — I actually had to take the truck to the dump afterwards, there was so much garbage cleared out. Chilkoot continued Cub Scouts. We got a new light fixture in the kitchen nook. The kids had school pictures (him and her).

Zwanze Day. We got to E9 at 10 AM with most of the rest of the 150 ticket holders. We drank a lot of sour beer. Some of it was really good. We hung out with strangers, and acquaintances, and friends and family. This year’s Zwanze was a smoked lambic — it actually turned out pretty well, but not fantastic. A couple of E9’s beers were really good. Afterward, we walked to another nearby brewery for a beer, and then went to El Gaucho, where we had a surprisingly reasonably-priced dinner at the tail end of happy hour.


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Wow! Nice camping and big-bird pictures. It’s beyond me that KrisDi actually enjoys cooking while out camping. It’s great that she does, but… beyond me! Excellent job on the pantry!

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