October 2019 Part I

I got new tires for my car. Super exciting, right? No wonder I have such incredible readership numbers!

Chilkat’s education has taken an unfortunate turn. With the introduction of division and the style of homework mandated by her school, and likely enabled by the style of her teach, she’s decided that she hates school, math homework “feels like murder”, and most nights have turned into a raging battle to get her to stop bitching and moaning and just fucking do her fifteen minutes of homework.

She’s been falling behind on in-class work as well. She had this “exit ticket“, which she brought home with no answers written (including her name) — just the maniacal scribbling on the bottom and these nice Pokemon drawings on the back. When KrisDi made her sit down and actually do the problems, it took her about 30 seconds. She understands the material fine, she’s just decided to bitch, moan, and fight every step of the way. Totally fantastic parenting experience. Just fucking delightful.

KrisDi had a discussion with Chilkoot about his diet, too — he’s been turning to the same shitty menu items more and more frequently. “You need to eat more than Fruity Pebbles and green onion pancakes” So he requested steak and bacon, please. Ate it right up. I think the same night, Chilkat was also eating bacon, went somewhere, and when she came back she mistook her plate of ketchup as melted bacon.

I went to Yakima with my friend and ex-co-worker Mr. JJ. It’s our second time actually going to the Fresh Hop Festival, our fourth time going out there during the weekend of the festival, and the first time we spent two nights there. It was very productive. I think we visited a dozen breweries (Varietal and Single Hill being the new high points and Bale Breaker being the good old standby). It was a really nice time. After the festival, we hung out with a biker gang (well, our table was right in the center of an area occupied by them, anyway).

While I was in Yakima, KrisDi took Chilkat and Chilkoot to their cousins’ birthday party at Pump It Up. She also took them to Salmon Days. And Chilkoot apparently tried on the same hot dog costume that Chilkat did two years previously.

When I came home, I found a fantastic bottle of whisky for the Pope’s birthday. It won a blue ribbon! We got gussied up for family photo day (Chilkat, Chilkoot, KrisDi, and snaotheus). The photographer who has done mini-sessions with us the last couple years went back to school, so this year we used the photographer that she uses. We’ll share pictures when we get them, of course.

Chilkoot and I went out for book club while Chilkat and KrisDi went to the park and to Ivar’s for lunch. When we got home and ran out of things to do, I kept Chilkoot busy by letting him trim my neckline (before, during, and after). Others seem to question my judgement on this.

Also, I have no idea where this came from, but the kids played with Silly String.


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You are a brave man. A very brave man.

Never a dull moment is there!

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