October 2019 Part II

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Chilkat found a YouTube channel of a dude giving step-by-step instructions for drawing various cutesy things. She did a number of them, and she and I did a couple together as well. This was her favorite.

We went out for dinner and ice cream with Miss K. Dinner at Tipsy Cow, ice cream at Molly Moon’s. We’re still planning on going to her wedding in Hawaii after visiting my older brother in Guam next year during the kids’ spring break.

Chilkoot had a karate tournament, where he competed in sumo, “fastest punch”, and kata. He got a bronze medal in each, and had a meltdown moaning that he’s terrible at everything (I decided not to share the photo of him curled up on the ground crying). Haven’t figured out yet how to get him to see it as a challenge to overcome rather than a life-ending failure.

The next day we went to the pumpkin patch, and learned that they had started charging admission for all the activities. Since it was also raining or expected to rain, we skipped the activities, ate some donuts, got pumpkins, and left. Chilkat got a huge pumpkin, which she eventually painted with cats. KrisDi and I got medium-large pumpkins; she painted hers, and I carved mine and gave it a beer. Chilkoot got a little pumpkin and painted it white to be a ghost (apparently our engineering suggestion of buying a white pumpkin instead of painting a pumpkin white was total anathema).

We finally decided to replace the incorrectly assembled light fixture in our downstairs bathroom (the rings that held the old glass covers up didn’t actually fit the threaded bases, so occasionally they’d fall down and dangle on the bulbs). KrisDi found a new one on Amazon, and I put it up Halloween night while the kids were answering the door and giving out candy.

Both of the kids had their school Halloween party. KrisDi went to Chilkat’s and I went to Chilkoot’s. Chilkoot had fun and barely restrained his wildness. Chilkat apparently was unhappy the whole time. She stood in a corner instead of playing a game, scowled and complained throughout.

Finally, last but not least, we dressed up and tried to bum candy off our neighbors. We were all characters from Harry Potter. I was Dumbledore, KrisDi was Bellatrix Le Strange, Chilkat was Hermione and Chilkoot was Harry. We made it through the neighborhood, and then went back home for me to work on the light fixture and for the kids to hand out candy.

My costume was godawfully itchy. I was so glad to get it off and take care of the light fixture. The kids continue to puzzle me about this whole Halloween business. The single most important thing on my mind was optimizing and maximizing my sugar intake experience. Find the right neighborhoods that give the best candy, go as fast as you can to get as many houses as you can, trade with your brothers to get the most of your favorite candies and the least of your least favorite candies (Good & Plenty). Our kids come home and forget about their candy — not even eating any as far as I can remember.

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IIRC, Chilkoot did the same thing re white pumpkins the previous year (or the last time I was with you at the pumpkin patch): Insisted on an orange one he could paint white. Maybe he just likes white paint.

Well done on the fixture! Looks good. I didn’t think to mention it the other day. Not that nothing else was going on…

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