Technical Difficulties

I learned today that the direct links to photos I’ve been using in my posts don’t work. I’m pretty sure they worked before, so I think something changed, but I don’t know what. So, I’ll have to look into it. Which is annoying.

It appears to work as long as the filename doesn’t contain an apostrophe (like the first photo link in the last post) or parentheses (like the second photo in the last post). I would assume this extends to some set of special characters, which is annoying. I’m not going to worry about going back and fixing old ones, but I’ll get rid of special characters in file names for future posts.


Posted by snaotheus


I told you quite a while back that the direct links took me back to the … gang proofs, for lack of the proper word.

Apparently it was a bug in the jAlbum theme I use that’s supposed to be fixed in later versions of the theme. I updated the theme, so I guess we’ll see what happens the next time I post photos (and it includes special characters in the file names).

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