November 2019 Part I

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We got up early and drove to Portland with our friends from Medford. Weezy had a medical appointment with a specialist up there, and we got an AirBnB big enough for both families so we could hang out at breweries and restaurants together. My family showed up early enough on Friday to have breakfast at Screen Door; we met the Oregonians for beer shopping at Belmont Station (where I found some surprising and exciting beers, including De Garre). We had lunch at Horse Brass (they had Pliny the Elder on tap and I spilled ketchup in mine). We had dinner at the house — we got takeout Ethiopian or something, and accidentally ordered a TON of the spicy flatbread. Of course, we drank some beer (see above).

Saturday, we went out for breakfast at Jam (girl and boy), then visited Great Notion, Culmination, and Cascade (Chilkat and Chilkoot had root beer). Then we walked to a nearby Japanese place for dinner, and took two Ubers to Little Beast and then back to the house for just a little more beer before bed.

We had breakfast the next day at Besaws, went to a farmers’ market, then had beer and lunch at Zoiglhaus. At this point, the Oregonians went home, but we went on to Ruse. On our drive home, we stopped at a Korean barbecue place where the girl and the boy got to try some new things and cook some meat of their own.

Portland is turning into a place where we’ve tried enough things that we have favorites that we don’t want to miss if we visit, meaning we don’t necessarily try many new places when we visit. For this trip, “repeat visit”:”first time” = 6:6.

RepeatFirst Time
Screen DoorEthiopian Doordash
Belmont StationCulmination
Horse BrassJapanese place
JamLittle Beast
Great NotionZoiglhaus

When we got home Sunday, I packed again to fly to Japan on Monday. This was the introductory trip to headquarters for my two replacements. In addition to regular stuff (like Japanese beer, sake, ramen, etc), we got to do some unusual stuff, like participate in earthquake training, go out to lunch (at a Japanese Hawaiian-themed Italian restaurant), have dinner at their new employee club, and participate in Radio Taiso. On the last day, as I left the lobby, I also watched a ridiculous character try to board an elevator.

While I was gone, the showerhead broke, KrisDi finally wore out her 11-year-old stand mixer, and KrisDi let the kids sleep with her.

The day I returned, before picking me up at the airport, KrisDi took the kids to their first eye checkup. Both of them are slightly farsighted (+.50/+.50 for Chilkat, +.50/+.75 for Chilkoot), and we’ll probably get them glasses next year. Later that day, Chilkoot went to a classmate’s birthday party.


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