November 2019 Part II

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A few weeks ago, the kids suddenly became interested in actually trying coffee. I never got an explanation of why. So, I brought home some decaf grounds from work and made them a cup. Each of them tried it black and with a spoonful of sugar. Chilkoot acted like he was being tortured for both of them. Chilkat said the sweetened one was OK. Neither of them finished their coffee.

KrisDi and I took a day to ourselves to make our Valentine’s day lasagna. Yes, it was about nine months late. We’ve had a lot going on.

It’s a full day ordeal. We make the mozzarella, ricotta, and noodles from scratch. Sauce is made from scratch, too (using canned crushed tomatoes as a base), and the sausage is made by seasoning ground pork. Over the course of the day, we also went out to breakfast at Issaquah Cafe, and lunch at Max’s World Cafe (which had really good sticky toffee pudding). The lasagna turned out fantastic as usual. Although the first serving, while still hot, turned out a bit messy (also as usual).

Mom came down for a weekend, and we had family night at the school. They served us smoked turkey legs and various sides. The next day, we all went to Charlie Brown XMas at the Moore Theater.

The kids decided they wanted to play Scrabble — Chilkat and KrisDi versus Chilkoot and snaotheus. KrisDi and I struggled to let the kids actually play, and I think we did OK, but they lost interest and wandered off so we finished without them.

We hosted Thanksgiving as usual. Mom came down, the Oregonians came up and occupied our ‘guest room’ (Chilkoot’s room when he stays with Chilkat), all my in-laws. Makes for a full house. KrisDi made a 23.5lb turkey and ~9 other dishes; P Dubs made desserts, Oregonians brought a squash dish, Mom brought cranberry salad (which only she and I love). Lots of eating, lots of beer, some tequila shots, some games. It was a good day. We used the carcass to make turkey stock, and then KrisDi made turkey tortilla soup the Saturday after.

That Saturday, we also bought a Christmas tree and a fancy new stand that makes it much, much easier to adjust to make the tree point up — but was barely big enough for the tree we bought.

KrisDi and the kids (him and her) decorated the tree, and I packed for Chicago. And that was the end of November.


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Goodness, you’ve been busy while I’ve been feeling like a displaced person not-living in my house.

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