December 2019 Part I

I don’t have anything more to say about my visit to Chicago than I said in my previous post, but I added some pictures to this post’s album.

The Friday I got home, I went to work for a little while, and then came home to get gussied up and go to a Daddy-Daughter dance with Chilkat, while KrisDi went to a pajama party with Chilkoot and his Cub Scout troop.

We went on the Polar Express train ride down in Bumfuck, WA — ahem, excuse me, Elbe. On the way down, we stopped at Acorn and Powerhouse breweries as well as the bar Caskcades. The last stop proved to be a bad idea, because Puyallup (incidentally, pronounced more like ‘Pyallup’ than ‘Pyu-allup’) was having a holiday parade of some sort that fucked up driving in the area. We ended up with about 10 minutes to spend at Caskcades, long enough to have a tiny beer each and fill a growler.

Anyway, we eventually got to Elbe, rode the train with E-Dubs and crew, and then went home. It wasn’t as painful an experience for me as last year, because my L4-L5 disc was (hopefully) not weeks away from fatal degradation (I guess we’ll see in the next few weeks).

KrisDi went to a couple craft shows or something with D, and discovered a Fleischkuechle food truck at the Puyallup fairgrounds. They make legit fleischkuechle following a recipe from North Dakota (even though the proprietor is not from there).

Chilkoot tested for and received his orange belt.

The kids’ school had a book fair / bingo night, which we dutifully attended. The kids got to meet Dog Man.

The kids had previously gotten some hokey Christmas glasses that cause shapes to appear around point-like light sources, such as Christmas lights. I discovered I could effectively use it with an iPhone camera instead of an eyeball as the imaging device.

Chilkoot was tasked with performing a good deed of some sort as part of Cub Scouts. He decided to pick up litter around the neighborhood. He was a little reluctant at first, but did a really good job, was a good sport about it, and might have been having fun by the time it was over.

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Bless Chilkoot’s heart… he may have been a good sport about the clean-up (yay him!), but I wonder if he’ll ever do a real smile for a camera again? He’s gotten so good at the teeth-baring variety! 😉

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