December 2019 Part II

KrisDi came up to Kirkland for dinner with me (we went to Izumi and had amazing omakase and curry udon with katsu) — but, it happened to be in the middle of an incredible rainstorm, wherein lower roads had been closed. It took her like 45 minutes to take a short detour and actually get to work. We ended up abandoning my low-riding car at my office in favor of her higher-riding SUV, and going back for it in the morning.

While Chilkat’s girl scout troop was volunteering at a PAWS event, KrisDi went to a liquor store and found a couple Aberlours I was excited about and bought them for me. Now I have a fairly impressive collection.

Mom experienced monumental plumbing problems this winter, and consequently chose not to host Grandma Christmas. Instead, we did it at our house. I was at work most of the day, but it also meant that she stayed with us through Christmas, which was a nice change from previous years.

We spent most of Christmas Eve in Gig Harbor as usual with KrisDi’s side of the family. Kids got lots of presents. Unusually, in the morning, we took the kids to the post office to get them passports, so we can go to Guam in April.

We had Christmas at home with Mom, for once. I was proud of my super dorky joke version of a Nintendo Switch. Chilkoot was actually really excited about it, although I wasn’t mean enough to pretend that it was actually the gift he was going to get. Anyway, the kids got a ton of presents, we went to church, I got another bottle of whisky, we had French Onion Soup. It was a nice day.

In continuance of what seems to be turning into a tradition, we went to a minor league hockey game again, this time with Les, P Dubs, and T Dog. We went to CRFT (fancy beer bar) and an Indian restaurant first (which was cheap and delicious). I enjoyed a fancy beer at the game.

Chilkoot and I went to Camp Sheppard with his cub scout troop for winter camping. We had one big cabin with something like 24 bunks in it. It was close to 30, but there was almost no snow, and not much to do. We went on one short hike with the troop. Mostly, the kids ran around maniacally in the cabin. After we eventually got a small fire going, me and a couple other fathers hung out (avoiding children) trading stories of our own childhood misdeeds and/or sources of scars.

I particularly liked the troop leader’s husband’s story about how much colder and less posh the winter camping facilities were when he was a kid. He went out to chop wood with a hatchet, and went back inside and said to himself, “Shit! There’s a big long hole in my pants!” and pulled up his pants to look, and thought, “Wow, there’s another hole in my long johns, too!” pulled up his long johns, and thought, “Uh oh…there’s a hole in my sock, too, and there’s a bunch of blood…” Apparently it was so cold he didn’t feel the hatchet wound he inflicted upon himself. Troop leader had to take him to the ER for stitches.

We finally went to Mr. JJ’s to share Utopias with him. Mr. JJ found it on the shelf for $180 at a Costco almost two years ago and texted me about it, which quickly escalated into him actually buying a bottle. We found a few investors to share it with (my wife, Mr. JJ’s neighbor and son), but only now got around to gathering to try it. Mr. JJ posed nicely with the bottle once we emptied it.

Conclusion: It’s very tasty, but closer to a brandy or sherry than it is to a beer. It’s 28% ABV. We thought it was really funny that after unscrewing the gigantic fancy cap, there’s a plain-old Sam Adams cap on the bottle.

And of course, New Year’s Eve. We didn’t have anyone stay with us this year, but we let the kids stay up until midnight. Overall, it was relatively tame, I suppose. I didn’t have to go to the emergency room. Nothing scandalous happened that I remember.

Various minor things:


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I had such a good time Christmas Day. It was really fun, especially playing Relative Insanity. (Is that right?)

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