January 2020 Part II

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This is a pretty short one.

We drove down to Medford to visit the Os. We drank beer, got take-out food and went out to eat at a few places and visited a few breweries. Chilkat learned she likes coffee cake. As usual, it was fun, just a long drive.

Most years, my former boss at work organizes a big company lunch for Chinese New Year. KrisDi came up to join us. It’s a pretty cool event, because we often have former employees and spouses or friends come.

Chilkoot got a haircut..

Chilkoot also had his 1st grade concert and felt the need to wear a suit.


Posted by snaotheus


Awww. I remember someone else who had an innate sense that sometimes he ought to wear a suit. Both of you rock/ed it!

Hey! Is that that ramen place we went to?

If you’re talking about the picture at the top of the post…no. That’s a bar in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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