February 2020 Part I

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I noticed squealing and a few other symptoms and realized that another 40k miles have passed and so have my brake pads. I considered it a stretch goal for my back, but I attempted and accomplished replacement of all four pads in one days. My back was completely spent by the end of it, and I was on the couch the rest of the day. Moving that last wheel around…I swear, it weighed like three hundred pounds.

I’m not sure why, but Chilkoot decided he needed to exercise. He invented his own routine, which included (I think) pushups, stretching, stationary bicycle, weightlifting, and boxing. Also that day, he decided for lunch to eat salmon and for dinner to eat steak, so apparently he was protein-loading. Seems like it was a one-day thing, though, because he hasn’t repeated it.

M False Alarm had her 9th birthday party at a trampoline place called Defy. It was Nightmare Before Christmas themed. Parties at this kind of location are kind of strange, because it basically encourages the kids to split off and do their own things until it’s time for cake and presents, which is usually really time-constrained. It was fun, and I got to play with camera equipment — low light, long distances, fast moving children.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I’m attempting to finish and get rid of some neglected liquors. During the first couple weeks of February, I was able to get through my Matcha Kahlua (purchased in Japan), a fancy sweet potato shochu (a gift from a Japanese executive), and a bottle of cheapish vodka. The shochu (I think named Katana) was mostly drunk on the rocks, but I tried a couple with lime juice, which were not bad. The Kahlua was completely used for “green Russians,” along with the vodka, which was also used for bloody maries and white Russians. This particular shochu is hard-liquor-strength, which is unusual. In Japan, with normal shochu, I mostly drink it on the rocks, but it’s usually in the vicinity of 25% abv.

The Washington Hop Mob was again hosted at Brouwer’s, and I attended again with Mr. JJ. Unlike previous years, the style was not limited to triple IPAs (IIIPAs), instead the idea was just plain “hop forward”. We tried a fair number of them, didn’t completely disagree with the judges’ winner (we would have placed it second), and generally had a good time. Although Mr. JJ completely spaced on it and showed up significantly late after I reminded him (when I was already there and waiting).

Our friends (the Weezy family) from Oregon visited, mostly for Chilkat’s birthday party. We went out for Japanese dinner the first night at a place close to us (pretty good, but definitely not to my standards of really good Japanese). We were able to find enough for the kids to eat, with a fair amount of argument.

The party itself was Pusheen themed. KrisDi made a Pusheen cake (and cake pops), found a ton of Pusheen decorations, acquired Pusheen cookies, Chilkat got a shit-ton of Pusheen gifts (and non-themed gifts), and I endured. Chilkat seems to have really enjoyed it, which is great.

Chilkat’s girl scout troop had a geodes and minerals outing which involved breaking open geodes. This went along with learning about minerals and rocks at school, so that tied in pretty nicely. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not.

Finally, Chilkat, KrisDi, and D went out for pedicures. I don’t remember if there was a specific purpose or not.


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You guys’ busy-ness exhausts me even from here. Congrats on the brake pads–major achievement, with or without the back! (Although now I can be disappointed that you didn’t volunteer to replace my clutch…! 😉 )

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