April 2020 Part I

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The month started with April Fool’s Day. KrisDi’s and my joke was unsuccessful: After dinner, the kids were playing outside in the sun, and I went out and yelled, “All right! Time for bed!” Chilkoot just stared at me and deadpanned, “No it’s not. The sun’s still out.”

Their joke was more of a mixed success. They left us this note, and hid behind the couch.

“Stay home, stay healthy” continued through the month. The closest I got to visiting my workplace was going into the parking lot to pick up my new computer (Lenovo C940 15″) that was incorrectly delivered to my work address instead of my home address (long and frustrating shitty customer service story).

The kids continued their self-school thing with mixed results. Some days went OK, and some not. KrisDi and I kept working (or trying, or pretending, or whatever).

We decided to get take out for dinner for the first time during this adventure. We saw on Ezell’s website that they were open for take out, and we tried to call them to confirm but they didn’t pick up the phone. We took a family walk there (which was eerie because of the how everyone makes way for everyone else). When we got there, we saw this. So we pivoted and got Thai from one of the neighboring restaurants. As KrisDi and the kids moseyed, I went to a local brewery (Bickerson’s) and picked up a couple crowlers, which are my new favorite serving size.

KrisDi decided to dye her hair, which also led to dying Chilkat’s and Chilkoot’s hair.

Chilkat continued her Aladdin rehearsals by Zoom — singing, dancing, reciting lines, etc. I’m not sure if she started to actually enjoy them at this point, but she has by the end of April.

Spring break started. All that really meant was that the kids were allowed to use their iPads in an unlimited fashion instead of trying to learn anything. KrisDi and I had to continue working.

We spent more time on the Playfort, including framing the walls, reinforcing the trapdoor, prototyping a drawbridge, putting up wall panels, taking the first one down and putting up a new one, painting, installing windows, starting the trim, building the production drawbridge, and oh how I hate Hillman #10 philips wood screws. They are made of such shitty, soft material that they strip to nothing with almost no pressure, they’ll shear under normal use, and I had to keep removing them with a vise grip because they can’t fucking operate as screws. Fuck you, Hillman Group. Your products infuriate me and I will remember this experience resentfully for the remainder of my days.

Easter happened. We did not go to visit family. We made a small (~10 pound ham) Easter dinner for ourselves, dyed Easter eggs, hid eggs around the house and the yard, got a stuffed bunny that murdered Chilkat, and watched church on TV. Also spent some time working on the Playfort.

A spotted owl came to visit us one evening in the dusk. I was working on the Playfort and I think Kristen noticed a large bird. She managed to run in and get the camera, which serendipitously had the huge zoom lens already attached.

Kids decided to have a movie night and set up their own little snack bar. If I remember correctly, they picked a beer for me, too.

KrisDi decided to learn how to make macarons while we’re stuck at home, a notoriously touchy treat. First batch was not a success — overcooked and maybe overmixed, they flattened out. Also, they were very salty, but that might have been because we had no frosting or filling. I think by the time the middle of April rolled around, she had tried twice and had marginal success with the second one. Still too flattened out, but not overcooked and basically the right texture. I’m sure you’ll see some pictures when I post April’s food.

In my ongoing quest to kill some of the bottles in my liquor cabinet, I drank a (tiny) bottle of Yuzu Gin given to me by a friend in Japan.

The kids researched and implemented their own science experiment. Six cups of water, three with primary color food dye in them and the other three shallow-filled, and paper towels bridging the six, so capillary action created a rainbow across all six cups.

Oh, and I took a nap and KrisDi couldn’t believe I didn’t drop my phone.


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Just the other day I saw “crowler” in an ad and thought it was a typo! Is that like half a growler or something?

Nice science experiment. Interesting … eggs … too.

I’ll be glad when this is all over with. As long as we’re all still alive.

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