May 2020 Part I

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Well, we’re still stuck at home. Not much has changed in that area. Except that we did have our first social engagement, in which we attempted to remain socially distant. Chilkat’s school friend’s family came over for tacos al pastor and drinks, we ate at opposite ends of a six foot table, and the kids were instructed to stay 6′ away from each other. They didn’t do very well, but they didn’t do terribly. Chilkoot was using a tape measure. We sanitized the downstairs bathroom and designated that as the guest bathroom; sanitized it again when they left. We had a good time. It was nice to be around other people.

School from home continues. We’re getting more and more frustrated in particular with Chilkat’s teacher, who apparently doesn’t understand 3rd grade math (yes, Ms. Teacher, you can actually divide a square into eight equal triangles) and isn’t very good at communicating.

We had a robin nest in the bush behind our back window. The kids named her Skylar. She laid an egg. The father seems to be hanging around as well — the kids named him Gerald. The nest is located in a spot that happens to be visible through the screen in our window (and consequently super hard to photograph), and hard to get line-of-sight from outside (and consequently hard to photograph). More on Skylar’s family in the next post, I think.

After being introduced to it in a previous visit to the aforementioned friends and discovering that Total Wine does same-day-delivery in this brave new world, we got a bottle of peanut butter whisky. It is more “peanut butter liqueur” than it is “whisky”. It’s actually pretty good on its own. Anyway, KrisDi decided to make a chocolate peanut butter white russian using that and some chocolate liqueur — and it was fan-fucking-tastic. Delicious! Very sweet, though. Also…a ton of liquor. If you’re curious, her recipe is:

Fill a pint glass 1/3 full with ice. Cover with vodka, add a few shots of kahlua, a few shots of chocolate liqueur, about twice as much peanut butter whisky. Top with whole whipping cream. Stir and enjoy.

One of our weekend days, the kids decided they wanted to have a tea party with us and a bunch of stuffed animals. So we broke out the china, made some tea, laid out plates of finger food, and had a tea party for lunch (Chilkat, Chilkoot, and snaotheus). The kids even made place cards. There may also have been some mild shenanigans.

We continued work on the Playfort. We just about finished it, I think — we’re at the stage where anything further we want to do is pretty optional. I cut little bits out of the siding material to continue the outer walls up closer to the roof, built and (KrisDi) painted and installed trim, caulked a bunch, and installed a fancy sign. Looks pretty nice. Oh, KrisDi started painting the floor, too, and she didn’t quite finish that in this time frame I guess.

Mother’s Day was not particularly original, but it was nice. The kids made KrisDi cards, we bought her some nice flowers, she bought herself some nice flowers, we cooked her breakfast in bed (French toast, bacon, eggs, and mimosas). We had planned ahead to have an “easy dinner” requiring no cooking by ordering a bunch of cured meats and cheeses from DeLaurenti, but we didn’t have nice little loaves of bread to go with it so she made some herself. We actually kept eating meats and cheeses for meals for like a week after that. Always tasty and interesting.

I don’t know much about this, but Chilkat decided to paint some rocks and go deposit them in locations around the neighborhood and on the greenbelt path. She didn’t realize that people would pick them up and move them around or take them home — she was a little upset when we went back on the walk the next day and a bunch of her rocks were gone.

Chilkoot also had reason to walk through the neighborhood — for the Boy Scouts. All his Scouting get-togethers have been digital or canceled, including a nature hike. So we did one as a family. We talked about plants and animals, and the kids showed us a mystery jawbone they found.

We were supposed to take pictures on our hike and share them with his troop, but Chilkoot was ornerier than usual about playing nice for photos. and then he was upset when I told him we’d share his crappy photos with the Scouts. Then he was willing to pose nicely, including trying to straighten this heavily leaning tree — which fell over a couple days later.

In my ongoing quest to purge accumulated marginal liquors, I finished a little bottle of a Japanese whisky called Chita. This wasn’t a “get rid of this crappy beverage” kind of situation — I like this whisky. I just drank it neat. We also managed to conquer a big bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label — this isn’t terrible, but it’s not a whisky I like to drink straight, so KrisDi experimented with a bunch of mixed drinks like whisky sours and old fashioneds. Also, I’m not sure why, but KrisDi decided to take all the liquor out of the cabinet and photograph it. Here’s the whisky section.

As previously posted, KrisDi was making macarons as a thing to do. My boss’s family has a thing for macarons (one of his kids got engaged at Lady Yum), and I dropped off a care package of macarons, giardiniera, and home made hot sauce on his doorstep early in the morning. In return, we got some homemade chutney, raspberry jelly, and masks (me, Chilkat, Chilkoot). Boss’s wife is very sweet.

Cinco de Mayo happened. KrisDi made chile verde burritos (delicious again) and margaritas. Coronavirus Environment saved the day — we realized around lunch time we didn’t have enough tequila for margaritas at dinner, and we were able to order online from Total Wine and get it delivered by three.


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Yeah… I think the third-grade teacher needs remedial math, too. If she meant right-angled shapes, she should have said so.

I hadn’t realized the Playfort roof was one of those plastic corrugated jobbies. I’m sure, being the thorough engineer types that you and KrisDi are, you took into account the ferocious winds we get here during the winter. (Or maybe y’all big-city folk don’t get them quite as fiercely as we do, shooting down from the Fraser Valley and all).

Glad y’all are hanging in there and nobody’s gotten sick yet!

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