August 2020 Part I

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We went to a baby shower down in Gig Harbor for a friend of KrisDi’s. Fairly large number of people there, all outdoor, most people were pretty good about wearing masks. The kids got to play with a little dog.

We got to go up and visit Mom. The catalyst for the visit was dropping off Trent and transferring ownership, so our first activity was waiting in line at the DMV. Yay! Then we visited a sculpture park, picked up take-out Thai and brought it to the park by Lake Padden for a picnic. We stopped and shopped for beer (and drank a couple) at Elizabeth Station, then visited some weird “labyrinth” before going to dinner at Fat Pie pizza. It was a nice visit. Plus it was nice we could all fit in one car.

With Covid19 destroying the air travel industry, United offered early retirement to a bunch of employees to try to reduce their payroll. D took it, and officially retired. We had a little retirement party. KrisDi made her a cake.

Nick from Oregon was up here again, and it happened to be the week he was turning 30. I met him for dinner at his truck. I think that was the time I got food and beer at 20 Corners. I gave him a bottle bourbon for his birthday. KrisDi made him a bourbon cinnamon cake which was also delightful.

We continued our yard project. We cleaned up the area a little more, got and installed two new trees, one Japanese maple and one obscure mini magnolia variety. We built a little brick border along the edge of the grass. I ripped up yards of mole tunnel and set a trap. The next morning, a mole had tunneled along our new boundary and filled my trap with dirt. I set it up again. While I was talking to KrisDi, I heard the trap go off and saw it start wriggling — success! Except it clearly hadn’t killed the mole. So, and in retrospect this is fantastic, I took my hammer and started slamming it into the ground around the trap hoping I’d kill the little bastard without him getting away. No luck there, but the mole didn’t get away, so I ended up beating it to death with a brick. Take that, fucker!

We hadn’t done it in a long time, so we took a weekend to have some one-on-one time with each kid.

For Mommy Daughter Day, KrisDi took Chilkat to the zoo and Dairy Queen, picked up dinner from the Dough Zone, watched a bad movie on Disney Plus, but we can’t remember what movie it was.

For Daddy Son Day, Chilkoot and I picked up fried chicken from Ezell’s and rode our bikes to a nearby park for a picnic. We rode back home to play some games, then went out again to pick up burgers at Cloud 9 to try and have a trucknic and then play at the park, only to discover the parks were closed. After that, we went home for the rest of the night.

The next day, KrisDi went back to the zoo again with Chilkoot for Mommy Son Day. They picked up unfinished Resonate pizzas to make at home, and also had DQ again.

Chilkat wanted to stay home for Daddy Daughter Day, play games, and build a surprisingly complicated robot kit she had gotten as a gift sometime previously. Its name is Kiko.

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Ooh, I like using the playfort for reading club. Very cool. Thanks for the seagull shot, which I am stealing. It was fabulous having you guys up here and actually having things to do–and thanks again for Trent!

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