September 2020 Part I

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Actually not a lot to say for this half of this month.

School started. That’s traumatic enough for a post on its own.

Well, that’s not really true, it just sounded good in my head. For the most part, school started pretty uneventfully. (All of Chilkat’s Days 1, and all of Chilkoot’s Days 1) We got computers and desks and mice and headphones for the kids. It’s been six weeks now, so the details of the first two weeks have lost their sharpness, but now the kids mostly know when they need to be where they need to be, and occasionally have some kind of a computer problem. So the mechanics of “getting to classes” is basically figured out. But Chilkoot still thinks the reason that we’re staying home is to help him with his schoolwork, and he doesn’t notice (or he thinks we won’t notice [and by “we” I mean “KrisDi”]) when we’re in a meeting. He’ll walk up and ask questions and talk at her even when she’s running a meeting, and then be upset when he’s told to go away or that he did something wrong.

My friend and former coworker Brenan and his fiancee Chelsea came over for dinner and whisky. I had intrigued them with descriptions of Beef Wellington, and they had expressed interest but lack of experience with whisky. Two things to remedy in one delicious night. We set up a table outside and spent most of our evening out there. We tried I think just over half of my whisky collection, 21 different whiskies. I bought two new whiskies (Springbank and Glenkinchie) to cover more regions of Scotland.

We got a lot of smoke coming in from fires that were (mostly) far away. California and Oregon sent us banks of smoke that made everything smell like campfire, blocked out the sun, and made breathing hurt.

This peaked on or near the weekend we went to Whidbey Island with the E-Dubs family and Les & D. We got a huge and cool AirBnB on the western shore. I was all excited to play with camera equipment, maybe catch a cool sunset…but all we could see was smoke beyond one or maybe two hundred feet away from the house. Within that range, we did get to see dolphins a couple times (some people thought they might have been orcas, but I think we couldn’t see far enough for them to appear this small within visible distance or resolve marginally well in my camera). Some otters frolicked by as well. And some herons.

We drank beer and ate food and celebrated my niece’s 5th birthday and my nephew’s 7th. The kids played in a hot tub. We played some tasteless party games and watched some Jim Gaffigan. I went shopping with KrisDi at a nice little beer store.

We were there from a Saturday through a Tuesday, so two of the days were school days. This is a neat thing we can do with remote school: We can do it from other places. The kids went through a day and a half of school at the AirBnB, and a half day in the car using KrisDi’s phone as a mobile hotspot.

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Your smoke-on-the-water shots look a lot like my whale-watching tour a couple of years ago… it’s frustrating, though nothing compared to the people actually contending with the fires.

I can’t believe the kids have gotten so big. Next birthday Chilkat hits double digits. Wow! Do you remember when you turned 10? Do you remember the forts you and the brothers used to build under the kitchen table and with the couch cushions?

Tell the kids I was totally fooled by their two-person, one adult impersonation. Truly. :nods:

Love you all. Miss you a lot.

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