September Part II

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KrisDi got and planted some flowers (maybe mums?), which finished our landscaping project.

Chilkat passed from a Girl Scout Brownie to a Junior. We took her to a socially distanced bridging ceremony.

Chilkoot’s Scouts troop had a raingutter regatta. Apparently these normally use a kit or follow a prescribed construction, and the boats are “powered” by the kids blowing straws directly into their sails, leading to an “optimized” design where the sail is actually a cone that more easily catches and maximizes the forward force from the air coming out of the straw. In the current world, it’s a bad idea to have a bunch of little kids crowd together and blow as hard as they can, so ours was modified in two ways. (1) “Recycled” materials — whatever you have around the house; (2) drop your boats off with the troop leader and we’ll use a box fan at one end of the raingutters to supply wind.

Chilkoot and I built his boat from a chunk of styrofoam from packaging (I think from the desks we got him and Chilkat for school-at-home). We built an extremely simple square sail with printer paper, bamboo skewers, and glue. He named her the U.S.S. Duck. Chilkoot’s boat defeated all challengers, even when placed in the least-advantageous outermost raingutter. He was pretty thrilled.

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Here I’ve been worried all this time that y’all didn’t have anything to eat in September.

I’m continually pleased at the ways people keep coming up with ways to do things, for themselves and for kids, that comply as much as possible with public health needs. The bridging ceremony was probably less than satisfying, but it WAS a bridging ceremony. Tell Chilkat I’m delighted for her–I had to stop at Brownies because there wasn’t a higher-level group in town, so missed out on all the neat things that come in the later iterations.

And well done on the boat design. Congrats again to Chilkoot (and to his developing modesty, and thank goodness for Paint, eh?).

Your hair makes you look like the youngling I remember… but that beard, I swear, makes you look like a wild man somewhere in the forests of Borneo. What are you going to do if this continues through 2021 and possibly part of 2022?!

I continue to be puzzled that people automatically assume the beard is related in some way to the coronavirus. I decided at the beginning of the year to go a full year without trimming my beard. That was before coronavirus was known (at least, to me, and before any cases reported widely in the US).

Regardless of what happens with the pandemic, on January 3rd, KrisDi gets to decide what I’m going to do with my hair. So far, I think she wants me to just trim it back to what it was like last year.

Yes, it will be gone.

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