January 2021 Part I

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I decided to try smaller posts more often than twice a month. Easier to write, easier to consume, maybe it’ll help me keep up a little better than updating 4-6 weeks after the fact.

Anyway, so happy new year! January 3rd marked the one year anniversary of when I stopped trimming any hair that wasn’t getting into my mouth (I’m looking at you, moustache!). We had a day of silly braids, followed by haircut. Both Chilkat and Chilkoot got to take scissors to it, although both of them seemed to feel regret that it was going away. Which neither KrisDi nor I shared. Now I’m back to what had been the norm for the preceding few years. Chilkoot also got his locks trimmed a little bit (before and after).

New Year’s Day we went down to L&D’s place and had dinner and left the kids.

KrisDi and I resumed and finished watching the Mandalorian. I think we started watching the British series the IT crowd. Work resumed. My company name changed. School resumed. Chilkat’s resistance to actually having study habits seems to have reduced dramatically. Still not happy about having to do schoolwork, but also not acting like it’s the end of the world. She’s mostly doing OK, if she stays calm and thinks about what she’s doing, rather than getting upset or just totally spacing out.

I guess that’s it, and I guess that’s the point of smaller, more frequent posts! 🙂


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I still love the braids and pigtails. Why is Chilkoot mad in the last one?

No one remembers why Chilkoot was upset there. But I like it because it’s very expressive.

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