January 2021 Part II

Click here or on the tree climbers above for more photos

In an unprecedented act of autonomy, the kids decided they wanted to bike all the way to their school with no parents in attendance. This is a fairly short route, but requires crossing a pretty busy street. We let them do it, but sent them with Krisdi’s phone so if there was an issue we had a way to communicate. They survived.

My neck continued to suck. I pulled out my old inflatable cervical traction collar, but the plastic/rubber had started to harden and the kids broke it. I ordered a new one, and later discovered the absolute magic of using it lying down versus sitting up — way more effective. But holy damn is it unpleasantly exciting if you deflate it too quickly.

We had a nice frosty morning, and I took some pictures of the truck with frost on it.

We had a wind storm. We were woken up by branches bouncing off the roof, and due to fear of The Admiral’s inevitable demise, we moved to the other side of the house and slept in Chilkat’s room. The next morning, KrisDi and the chilluns walked around surveying the damage, including a small landscaping tree that fell over and a section of someone’s fence that blew down. A street sign fell down, too, which is odd because it seems remarkably sturdy relative to the surface area.

We took this picture of Chilkoot’s unusual posture at the dinner table.

The kids discovered a fallen tree in one of our greenbelt areas that they like to climb. They nagged and nagged until a parent came out to see it.

The kids attended and enjoyed some kind of an online dino thing.

Over the weekend, we made the kids clean their own rooms. They got Chilkoot’s done fairly fast, but got distracted and slowed way the hell down with Chilkat’s. We took away their iPads (except to set alarms for school) until they finished the room, which took another three fucking days. So far, they have mostly maintained the rooms, but their cousins are over at the moment so I don’t expect it to last the day.

I have no idea why, by Chilkoot decided to go outside and sit on the sidewalk to do his schoolwork one day. You can’t tell (especially since he’s sitting on concrete in short sleeves), but it’s like 40 degrees.


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Nice job on the rooms, kids!

I’m surprised the tree they’re climbing will hold them up. Must be bigger than it looks. Glad the Admiral didn’t give up the ghost onto you.

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