January 2020 Part III

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Inauguration has occurred. The storming of the capitol also happened. I’m terrified of actually talking about politics, since I have people I love on both sides. I’m relieved Trump is gone, although I have no love for Biden. But I can hardly think of a worse leader than Trump. I think my selfish, self-centered, undisciplined, uneducated children might be better than Trump, with the possible exception that their inability to make a difficult decision would be a problem on its own. The biggest problem I perceive is the total lack of communication or respect between the two sides. Politicians, media, and individual citizens are all responsible for this. The other biggest problem in my mind is the total acceptance of two alternate sets of facts, one for each side, without questioning how a large group of humans that must include some smart ones could have reached different conclusions.

Trump widened the gap, devalued “facts” to a cartoonish extent, and upped the stakes. I worry that it’s insurmountable at this point, but then I think back to the fact that we had a civil war, and we’re still one country. Although I doubt that that rift could be considered healed, and it’s probably where a substantial portion of the current rift originates. I have absolutely no hope that people will start acting like what I would call “adults” in my lifetime, because it’s quite obvious to me at this point that in our country, this is how adults behave.

No, I don’t have a solution. I think we’re broken, and the system we currently have in place is unsuited to fixing anything. The starting point is to recognize that there is one and only one set of facts, and different ways of interpreting those facts. The second step is to actually listen to the other side and be open to the ideas that (1) you might be wrong about something, and (2) they may not be evil morons.

Like I said, I don’t see that happening in my lifetime.

It’s Pinewood Derby time again. It finally gave me an excuse to set up my drill press for the first time, which I got for my birthday last year. Chilkoot named his car “Car-antine.” We used some of last year’s leftover fishing weights, and added a nut. He spray painted it blue, and then painted on a coronavirus and a mask.

The kids signed up for an online Junior Theater Festival, where Broadway actors and other professionals judged kids’ theater troupes performances and had little workshops for various things or gave little talks. It was a bit long for them, I think, at least on that Saturday when it went the whole day, but I think overall they enjoyed. Chilkoot at least really enjoyed watching the kids’ performances.

We had another socially distant social night, Zoom drinking with our friends in Oregon, which is always fun.

Chilkat has decided to have a small “Movie Night” themed sleepover for her birthday. Our resident party planner, KrisDi, decided one way to cute it up was to buy little teepees for the kids to “camp out” in (although only their heads-and-shoulders will fit in the teepees).

The kids’ school had a spirit event, “Throwback Day” or something, where people were supposed to dress up as historical figures. Chilkat donned an old astronaut costume to be either Neil Armstrong or Sally Ride. But apparently she took it off once she discovered no one else in her class had done it. Chilkoot dressed as Lincoln (who “unslaved the slaves”), and was also the only person in his class who participated. But he stuck it out and convinced a couple of his classmates to put on costumes.

KrisDi works for the federal government, so she got MLK day off. The kids also got it off. While the three of them were lounging around the house, I worked a 12+ hour day.

Monthly photo time came again. Chilkat has been just shooting up. She’s grown almost 4.5 inches in the last 11 months or so. Chilkoot‘s only two or three pounds lighter, but maybe six or seven inches shorter.


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I have some very interesting links on research into the cultural civil war we’re in, one of which does, indeed, demonstrate (via highly reputable historians) how it’s linked to the utterly botched Reconstruction after the Civil War. Some of it’s behind the SciAm paywall, but if you’re interested, I can send you links and/or magazines.

Chilkat is stretching out enormously! Wow. I love the masked car. There’s part of the origin story for a superhero–Who was that masked car?

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