January 2021 Part IV

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Shortly after the new year, Chilkat and Chilkoot’s cousins came for a sleepover, giving E-Dubs and Pixel Chick a night to themselves. As I understand it, they went wine tasting. The next day, it took them six hours or so to make the 45 minute drive from their house to ours to pick up our kids. They have promised to reciprocate, but we haven’t decided how we should spend a no-kids night yet. We were thinking about getting an AirBnB and staying in Portland for a night.

Our neighborhood started getting food trucks to visit us, which has been exciting. We got Mexicuban, and the kids actually ate some of it. I wonder how long it will last.

Chilkoot’s Pinewood Derby actually raced. We don’t have any pictures, because it was done without any participation with any members of our troop. We asked another troop, which had set up the track and a three camera YouTube streaming system, if we could borrow their set up, and they just offered to run it for us. Chilkoot’s car (Car-antine) was 5th overall, which unfortunately was not first in his pack and didn’t get voted for anything, so he got no awards, even though he did pretty well.

Our bank offered us a re-finance with a rate of 2.625% with no cost out of pocket, so we’re going through that, which isn’t fun but also isn’t that hard. Just do what the bank says. We still expect to pay off our mortgage about the time that Chilkat graduates; with the refinance, maybe slightly sooner.

Chilkat’s birthday party theme is “Movie Night,” so KrisDi has been working to get decorations and everything together. They had a photoshoot in front of a newly acquired backdrop for the purpose of creating invitations, which I think look like movie premiere VIP access cards.

I finally started drinking the bourbon barrel aged coffee our friends gave me for Christmas. I do get a little bourbon flavor in the coffee, but really the grounds just reek of it to me (although KrisDi apparently only detects coffee).

Chilkoot was really tired one morning and fell asleep on the couch as soon as he came downstairs.

My neck pain has not gone away (although it has dissipated), so I went to my doctor and he sent me to physical therapy, so I’ve reunited with my therapist who grew up in South Dakota. My neck has been improving, but not steadily.

Yesterday, since we didn’t have any weekend plans, we went out to buy new bikes for the kids, since they’ve outgrown their old ones. Chilkat’s new bike is, I think, the fanciest bike we’ve ever bought, with disc brakes even. Each of them is more expensive than either mine or KrisDi’s, although we bought ours 17 years ago. Chilkoot took to his right away, but Chilkat is still struggling with starting and stopping, since the seat is high enough she can’t just straddle it while standing (and she’s a melodramatic whiner).

The Playfort has now been transformed into a bike shed. The shaft of the drawbridge’s latch absorbed too much water, expanding and softening to the point where I’m fairly sure it split in half when I forced it to rotate so we could open it again.


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Lucky you, getting to reunite with your PT. My favorite ones all retired early last year and I don’t have a replacement … yet. I don’t want to have to break in a new one. Your Mexicuban chow sounds yummy.

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