February 2021 Part I

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A kid I hired in 2019 into his first professional job as a technical writer decided he wanted to try homebrewing. I don’t know if it was a gift or something he decided to buy, but he got a kit to make a brut IPA. He dropped off a bottle in my milk box, and after work one day I Zoomed with him and we tasted it together. It was much better than I expected. Better than a lot of homebrew I’ve had (not all), sadly better than some professional beer I’ve had. He named it Give Me The Brut (despite the plethora of terrible “brut” puns I supplied as possible beer names).

We made the kids clean their rooms. We told them they couldn’t play with their iPads until they were done. They finished Chilkoot’s room in a few hours (with a break to ride bikes around the neighborhood or something similar), but it took them another four days to finish Chilkat’s.

Chilkat’s birthday this year is going to be a small sleepover. She has decided to make it a “going to the movies” theme, which of course requires an exorbitantly priced snack stand.

BeerAdvocate was unable to host their traditional Extreme Beer Fest in person this year for obvious reasons. The decided to do it virtually instead. You pay whatever number of dollars, they ship you a box with eleven extreme beers and give you access to two livestreams over the course of two days with the brewers of each of the beers. We gave our friends in Oregon a ticket for Christmas, and my friend Mr-jj bought his own. We set up a two PC system, one for Zoom and one for the livestream. It was pretty interesting. I enjoyed it.

“Extreme Beer” isn’t intended to mean “extremely strong” — more like “pushing the boundaries of what you can do with beer.” So, there was a fruited sour that was more like a smoothie than a beer, a stout with miso in it, an imperial lager with marshmallow in it, a triple dry hopped black IPA. Nothing was *bad,* but the one that most impressed me was the miso stout (although it wasn’t my favorite beer to drink).

Although, several of these beers were quite strong, several of them topping 10% abv. KrisDi was like, “Three hours for two people to drink five or six beers seems like a long time.” Three hours was a bit of a push, especially on the second day, where the last beer was a 15% abv barleywine from Dogfish Head.

KrisDi had her parents order ceiling-mounted wire storage racks for the garage, two 4’x8′ sections. Les came over Saturday morning and helped me install them. This meant we had to move the adults’ bikes from their old storage space hanging from the ceiling above KrisDi’s car, and that the shelving blocks off both of the light bulbs in the ceiling. Solution to bike storage is only temporarily solved, because the new hanging location is a little too close to my car (and I can’t open my trunk). My ridiculously tight parking spot is now even tighter. The solution to the lighting issue was pretty simple, just getting LED strip lights and plugging them into the light sockets and running extension cords down to them. This is pretty satisfying because they’re so much brighter than the old lights.

Finally, Chilkoot made a video advertising a fictional business:


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Y’all need to get rid of some sh!t. You’re gonna be suffocated by it!

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