February 2021 Part IV

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The day after Chilkat’s birthday, we hosted a second one for family. This time some of the cake actually got eaten. More presents, and time with the cousins. Possibly the most notable occurrence was the cheesy photos in front of the red carpet backdrop. P Dubs’ was my favorite.

KrisDi bought a bench chest to put in our bedroom, so now we have a storage place for some exercise equipment like resistance bands, weights, and yoga mat.

Chilkat has grown I think almost six inches in the last year. I’ll have to put up a comparison of photos soon.

We visited the Popes for whisky and pizza, which was fun. They just completed their second year of parenting for three.

Chilkat had her yearly doctor appointment, with no big surprises, except that she’s statistically pretty tall (which seems weird because her friends tower over her). We already knew she was statistically pretty thin. In both cases, within the normal range.

The kids have been spending a substantial amount of time preparing for their Frozen auditions. As I write this, the auditions are complete, but the cast hasn’t been announced yet. That’s supposed to happen this afternoon.

KrisDi gussied herself up for a new photo for her work ID, but the system broke and she didn’t get to go for it. Still cute, though. My beautiful wife. <3


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