May 2021 Part II

More May photos by clicking here or the flowers above

Mother’s Day — breakfast in bed for KrisDi and hand-made cards from Chilkat (closed, open) and Chilkoot. We spent most of the day down at Les & D’s, drinking beer and chilling out. Here’s a picture of KrisDi and her mom.

As mentioned in the previous post, our friends from Oregon were here Mother’s Day weekend. I’m not exactly sure why, but the kids decided to dress up as creepy dolls.

We had yard and garden activities. A bunny chomped through a stem on one of the more glorious looking tulips and felled it. Moles turned up in the yard. KrisDi cleaned out the garden bed and planted.

Kettleworks Frozen costumes: Chilkat dressed as a bishop, as Olaf, with just Olaf’s nose. Chilkoot dressed as a tavern keeper, and serving beer.

Unrelated to anything: Chilkoot still has curly hair.

No pictures, but we went out to look at granite slabs for countertops for the kitchen remodel. KrisDi helped the kids record a bunch of stuff for Frozen. Chilkat’s sometime best friend moved away, and she had one last play date with him before he left.

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