May 2021 Part III

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Chilkoot’s troop had a hike at a local trail, and his den met ahead of time to go through a bunch of activities including making paper airplanes and bouncing balls of various inflation. The hike wasn’t super long, but Chilkoot got tired of it before we got to the end and we turned back.

KrisDi and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. I bought her a necklace. We spent most of that day being parents (it was the day of the scouts hike, and KrisDi and Chilkat kind of had a mommy daughter day including a stop at Ivar’s). We scheduled a three night stay (sans kids) at a cabin in the mountains for later.

P Dubs turned 40. T Dog set up a surprise party for him (with a co-celebration for her father), KrisDi made a cake for each of them, and we hung out in P Dubs’ yard all day drinking fancy beers, gorging ourselves, and playing cornhole.

But it was a more complicated day than that. It was also a recording day for Chilkat and Chilkoot’s Frozen production (Chilkat as the bishop and Chilkoot as Pabby), so KrisDi went down early and left me and the kids at home; after recording was completed, we jumped in the car and drove down to join them.

But it was a more complicated day than that. Mom came down for the night, because the next morning I was driving to Vancouver, WA (~160 miles) to meet up with my little brother and his family, and she wanted to ride with me. Mom came down early enough that she could have come to P Dubs’ party, too, but that wasn’t part of the original plan (expecting her to arrive after we left), and my brain wasn’t flexible enough to recognize the change and invite her. I think she was okay with having a quiet evening to herself, though.

So the next day we got up early and started driving. KrisDi also got herself and the kids up early and drove separately so they could see their cousin M for the second time. The kids were tired and this was super cute. They had to come back the same day because the kids still had school on Monday.

So the first day we were down in Vancouver was Sunday, and KrisDi and the kids were there with us. It’s the second time we’ve met Cousin M, and our first time actually stopping in Vancouver. Keep in mind, this is the Washington Vancouver (population ~175k), not the Canada Vancouver (population ~630k).

Northwood just got a new, fully remote job, and L got her job converted to fully remote. They were exploring different parts of the country where they might like to live, and Vancouver was one of their stops (their previous one was Reno, I think). They got a big three bedroom AirBnB so they could host me and Mom. We met at a park, got some coffee, and went to the house, lounged around there for a while. I think at M’s nap time, we left Mom with her grandkids and we went out to a local brewery (Grains of Wrath) for a beer, then walked around, then went back to GoW for more beer and to order food. While there, I noticed they had Weller Full Proof (a bourbon I’ve been pining after) on the shelf, and got a little pour of that, and it was fantastic. Unfortunately, it’s super hard to find in the primary market, and it 10x the price on the secondary market.

Northwood gave me a bunch of California / Reno beer, and I gave him a bunch of Washington beer. We drank a bunch of it while we were down there, but both of us went home with a box of beer.

We visited local breweries and restaurants and coffee joints. We walked through a drive through Mexican restaurant and ate it at a nearby park. We visited an antique store and my colleague’s sculpture of a tentacle coming out of a sewer (which M called a “snake”). Mom dragged us into a dinner with a “cousin” (some incomprehensibly non-linear relationship). I learned M is not very affectionate — it took the entire visit before she even said my name, and I never got a hug from her.

It was really nice to see them and spend some time with them. Unfortunately, I think they were turned off by the near constant drizzle. I tried to lure them in with hints of being able to drop M off with her cousins, but I think it was to no avail…

Sometime while I was in Vancouver, Chilkoot finished breaking his iPad (he had cracked the screen shortly after he received it a couple years ago). Of course, it was totally mysterious — he just open the cover one day and it TA-DA — was cracked. Surely there was no unreported incident.

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Nope, y’all left me with all three grandkids fully awake and rarin’ to go. We played ball outside, sometimes in some drizzle, and your two were amazingly sweet to baby M (OK, Toddler M), making sure she got to kick and carry the ball way more often than her formal turn would have allowed. We had a lot of fun. At least I did. They all giggled a lot.

And “some sort of ‘cousin'” is not incomprehensibly non-linear. Goodness, me. Bruce’s father was my first cousin (e.g., his mother and my mother were sisters). In the simplified version, that makes him my second cousin, your third cousin. The less-simplified version is that he’s your first cousin twice (two generations–mine and yours) removed (from the first cousin relationship his father and I had).

I tried convincing Northwoods that leaving M at Grandma’s would be easy, too. Don’t think they bought it. She’s not at all unaffectionate; she’s not been around anyone but N’s for a whole year, and I think she’s naturally rather reserved and suspicious of new people. It took her a while to talk to me via video chat, and when N picked me up at the airport, he said, “Look, M! It’s Grandma!” (imagine very frowny face, with forehead wrinkles)

“Hi, M!” I chirped. “I didn’t notice you, you’re so quiet!” (frowny face)

“Say hi to Grandma!” added N. (frowny face)

Various attempts to elicit cheer failed. Finally I suggested pulling me up on video so she could compare the 3″ me-in-the-box with the much larger 3D version. She frowny-faced me, frowny-faced the 3″ phone, frowny-faced me, then her face lit up and she squealed, “Grandma!!” And immediately grabbed my hand, pulled me inside, crawled into my lap and made me read her 27 books in a row. 😉

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