May 2021 Part IV

A small bird nested in an old Christmas decoration that got moved to the side of the house. I don’t know if the eggs ever hatched, but they vacated after a while. Before they vacated, they nearly gave me a heart attack every time I walked around the corner of my house and startled them and they flew out of the nest right in front of me in a panic.

KrisDi made a cake for her friend’s baby’s baptism, including a fancy clear carrying case.

We went down to Lake Tapps for D’s birthday. KrisDi made a strawberry napoleon. We went out on the boat, took some photos of Mt. Rainier, some passing planes, a structure that might be a sideways foeder or a strange sauna, and some ducks.

The kids’ Frozen performance happened. We watched it while we were at D’s house (and the other two days that it ran). It was super cute.

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Is that a butterfly by Chilkoot’s lip?


It’s chocolate, I think.

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