June 2021 Part I

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The kids decided to open a lemonade stand. They made some blue raspberry lemonade from a mix and went out on the sidewalk by the driveway to try to sell it for 50 cents a cup. They were frustrated by lack of customers at first, but they eventually got a couple big sales. One neighbor bought a half cup for $10 and wanted no change in return. Overall, they made around $25, and felt rich enough to make it rain when they were done.

For several years, we’ve met up with my former co-worker and long time beer friend Mr. JJ around Christmas time to share barrel aged beers. This is because (1) it’s an excuse to drink fancy, strong, expensive beers that otherwise sit around waiting for a “special occasion,” and (2) it’s fun. That didn’t happen last Christmas due to pandemic conditions, but now that we’re all vaccinated we finally did it in June. His two kids and their significant others also joined us. We used our home made bourbon barrel stave flights.

KrisDi’s work finally arranged an in-person celebration of their 100th anniversary (I think she actually arranged it, primarily). They did it outdoors in a parking lot near the Boeing Museum of Flight. All food was provided by her and her co-workers. Entrée was ribs and pulled pork. KrisDi made 140 cupcakes of six different flavors. Everything was individually packaged. It was a pretty nice event.

KrisDi’s Polish co-worker’s family came to visit her for her son’s baptism, and they brought her a bunch of meat. We got some of the overflow (which might have been a way of “paying” for the cake KrisDi made for the occasion). It seemed like a ridiculous amount…but we ate all of it.

We have this fancy can opener that cuts the outer edges of the top of the can in such a way that there are no sharp edges, and you can just lift the top off. Most of the time it works really well. But this can of salmon did not cooperate, and I had to pry it open, which (IIRC) involved the use of vise grips. The result was functionally acceptable, but not pretty.

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Goodness! I missed a lot by spending all usable time culling and packing. Love the bowtie. 😉

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