June 2021 Part II

Click here or on the birthday cake above for more photos

KrisDi’s birthday. At her traditional request, I made her a cake inspired by drumstick ice cream cones. I think she’s selecting more and more complicated cakes to see how far she can push me before I break. It took me three days. It was delicious, though.

I was able to find Cantillon’s Fou’Foune (apricot sour) at an online store for an exorbitant price; I felt slightly better spending slightly more and getting five additional beverages along with it. This was my primary gift to KrisDi for her birthday. I think she was delighted. I’m glad she decided to share it with me. Still one of the best beers I have ever tasted.

School ended. Chilkat is done with fourth grade, and Chilkoot is done with second grade. KrisDi did the beginning and end of the school year pictures (Chilkat and Chilkoot), as well as collages of all their school years (Chilkat Chilkoot).

The kids decided they wanted to make us dinner. They made sausage rolls — sausages rolled up in pastry dough. They also made some glazed carrots.

Months ago (March, I think), HB and I bought take home Hard Liver Fest packages from Brouwer’s. For the beers that we both had, we drank them together via Zoom. Finally, we got together to drink the other ones side-by-side. KrisDi made Chicago style hot dogs. Overall, it was a very nice day, but my next morning was not very nice.

For Father’s Day, my kids totally surprised me with breakfast in bed. An apple pancake, bacon, and coffee. Once again, I had been up for hours, and I needed to be reminded of how tired I was so I could be in bed to be surprised for breakfast in bed.

We went down to Bonney Lake for the rest of Father’s Day to hang out with the in-laws, where we re-used KrisDi’s birthday cake and drank beer and ate food. Here’s a nice picture of Chilkat and I basking in the sun on Les & D’s deck.

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