June 2021 Part IV

As you can see from the image above, it got brutally hot. I think it peaked at 113 around here (116 in some places). I was very thankful for my AC as I Zoomed with colleagues cooking in their uncontrolled work-from-home spaces. We had a few people choose to go into the office (which is a thing now) because they thought (probably correctly) that it would be easier to get work done in the air conditioning. My former boss went in to take a nap.

The first two days after our Baring trip, the kids had JTF, which they attended remotely. Their troupe rented a small theater for the two days so they could do it all together. This meant that for the most part, KrisDi and I had the days to ourselves. We went to a bunch of breweries and bars (The Pumphouse, Georgetown, Great Notion, Lucky Envelope). We did meet up with the troupe for dinner one day.

JTF was physically in Texas. They played a clip from the Kettleworks Frozen production which included Chilkat singing In Summer, so her face showed up 20 feet tall on a giant screen in front of a crowd in Texas, which tickled her pink.

Chilkat dressed outrageously again. And KrisDi got a nice picture of a bright red dragonfly.

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The worlde has gonne madde when thee air getts so hotte here.

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